GamesRadar: Major League Baseball 2K8 PS2 Review

GamesRadar writes: "It takes a lot of guts to open up the engine of a game that's likely no one's top priority, fix its biggest issues, and ensure that everything works great from top to bottom. Yet that's exactly what the fellas at 2K Sports did with MLB 2K8 on the PS2. Considering where it was last season, it's a significant improvement in most ways - except graphically, where it still lags behind The Show and remains firmly stuck in 2003. Even so, it's a solid baseball title in a year that has seen more than its fair share of diamond excellence.

Much of the game's success is directly related to fixing problems from last season. Considering the focus of the development teams on next-generation systems, it should not be overlooked that the differences between last year and this year are in all the right places. Gone are the hiccups and stutter-steps that plagued 2K7's PS2 game; in its place is a solid and smooth nine-inning experience."

You'll love:
+Smoothed-out gameplay
+Tight pitching mechanics
+Solid online play

You'll hate:
-Tired-looking visuals
-Same gameplay as last year
-Occasional zombified faces

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BrianC62343691d ago

I don't get this review. I didn't read much of it but they say 2K Sports fixed all the problems from last year. From what I've read this version took a big step back from last year. Did they fix the old problems and hurt the game?