Vita ports are the answer

From the article, "Sony has just announced the Jak and Daxter Collection for the Vita. It’s basically the same thing we’ve already seen on the PS3. It’s HD ports of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, and Jak 3. People get prettier versions of three PS2 games for $29.99, which is probably still less than you’d pay for all three of the PS2 versions of the games right now. While some may scoff at the idea of Vita ports, I think this is exactly what the Vita needs. In fact, I think a round of PS2 to Vita ports could really help save the system."

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Kalowest2069d ago

"Vita ports are the answer" Nope, they're the problem.

bothebo2069d ago

Maybe, but how could they hurt? I'm not saying all Vita games should be ports and I also recognize we need more AAA games for the Vita that will sell hardware like COD and ACL did.

beakeroo12069d ago

There's nothing wrong with porting high quality titles. I've never played these and I'm a fan of Naughty Dog due to the UC series. I'm not interested in playing PS2 games on a PS3 but why not re-release them on the Vita?

miyamoto2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

Here is the thing my fellow gamer.

Some one told me PS Vita needs exclusives to survive.
Is this what you mean?

He has a good point


it also does not hurt for the PS Vita to have a vast library of games for gamers to choose from wether ports, remasters, remakes, PSN, PS1, PS2, PSP, games etc etc for new generation of gamers and old ones.

All best selling selling consoles had a vast number of titles. And that is what the PSV needs instead of having only a few like Wii U.

From the point of view of the PS3 it may want to share its "success" with the PS Vita via ports.
At least gamers have a choice.

From the point of view of the PS Vita, it will be bad for it to have PS Vita exclusives ported to PS3 because it will cannibalize the handheld.

Look at Nintendo trying to "fill" the need of the Wii U via "remastered ports".

If you ask me, if its possible for all PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3, PSN, PS Mobile, and even PS4 games to be playable on the PS Vita .... it will be for the better.

MasterCornholio2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

Well in my opinion they are only a problem if there is nothing else. But if you combine quality AAA games from established franchises and mix in a few new IPs with a dash of ports then you could have a very good library.

Im expecting this to happen with the PS4.


It would be great if the Vita got a spin off of Demon Souls.

HarryMasonHerpderp2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

I would kill for a proper HD collection of the Silent Hill series on the Vita. They have a second chance to not screw it up. Also include SH4.

jaymart2k2068d ago

Wii U has this problem too.

3-4-52068d ago

More games are usually never the problem...

They are a band-aid though...

Vita needs and will get some new games and people will eventually be satisfied.....2,3,4 years from now.

TedCruzsTaint2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

They're a crutch for the company. Sony is never one to shy away from a re-release.

delboy2068d ago

Don't throw money away Sony, you might need it.

ToZanarkand862068d ago

I've always wanted a handheld PS2. Golden age of gaming IMO.
If I can get these games in HD with trophies on a handheld im a happy guy indeed.
Plus the graphics look so much better on a small screen on these older games, you try playing PS1 games on a HDTV and a Vita and see which one looks nicer. No competition.

Godchild10202067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

Care to elaborate? A fair share of the games that were made for the PS3 (Digital or retail) should have been made for the Vita as well and lot of people that held off buying the games for the PS3, might end up buying it for the Vita; because of the portability.

I have both the Sly Collection and the Jak and Daxter Collection and only completed the Sly collection; And that because I had more time on my hands and there was no Vita for me to say, "Hey, this game would be great if I could play it on the go."

I can tell what the problem really is and the porting of these games is not it. The problem is how late they are coming after the original release. A lot of people that bought the Sly collection might not be buying it again for the Vita, but the Jak and Daxter collection and Ratchet & Clank collection on the other hand might see some sales, because a lot of people held off buying them the first time expecting them to be on the Vita, because the system was out or coming out.

When it comes down to it, the Vita needs Spin offs, New IPs and ports that come in a timely manner to sell well.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx2068d ago

this is pretty kool but I already own the collection. For ppl who dont have the collection picking it up on Vita is a good option.

tubers2068d ago

Ports aren't the problem.. but we aren't really getting the killer ones (potentially);

Dark/Demon Souls
Dead Space
Dragon Age
Dragon's Dogma
God of War
Metal Gear 4/V
Ni no Kuni
Black Ops 2
and several more PS3 heavy hitters.

sherimae24132068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

god of war, gran tourismo, infamous and other sony owned ips would likely to come in the future,
uncharted, lbp, killzone, sly is already there ^_^

there is also a high chance of another ac and cod this year if you heard all the buzz in the net heck even jak and daxter collection started as a rumor last month

about that dead space, dragon age, mass effect...
if ea can make spin offs for ios/androids... why not the vita its capable
.."its not worth it because of smaller install base?" then tell that to ubisoft, because ac liberation despite its flaws, it managed to sell 600k and even that crappy cod, it got sold well ^_^

ps vita owners are hungry for games even the indie titles are more sold in ps vita than ps3, retro city rampage is an example of that.
devolopers and publishers should take advantage of it.
thats what the indies are doing now ^_^

tubers2068d ago

I'm certain a Mass Effect VITA exclusive would sell no worse that CODBOD and AC3L bundle..

(as long as it's along the production value of such and not an budget iOS/Android game)

Hope they take a chance but wouldn't really get my hopes too high.

ginsunuva2068d ago

What the fck is Uncastrated?

Cam9772068d ago

I'm overjoyed. I have an abundance of exams at this point in time which means that I only have time for handheld gaming, not on my PS3. Therefore, I have another title to enjoy in snippets! I would love R&C to be next despite owning them on my Ps3. I haven't got round to playing the R&C HD Trilogy beyond the first one.

gamer78042068d ago

vita is the first game system I've regretted buying, all it has is mostly ports and indie games. Not that those are bad, but when they are the majority, something's wrong.

I really hope they can steer the ship back on course before it runs aground.

g-nome2068d ago

I regret buying the 3ds actually , whereas my vita keeps me busy daily.
Nothing wrong with ps2 hd ports , mgs hd collection was fantastic on the handheld and looked great.

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