New FIFA 14 Career Mode Screen

The EA SPORTS FIFA Twitter account just seconds ago posted the new CM screen along with some info we already knew regarding the new Global Scout Network.

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TesMgsFan1862d ago

The game is just the same. They just change the outlook that's it.

bothebo1862d ago

Yeah it doesn't seem different at all

Linwelin1862d ago

yup, it looks exactly the same, you played it right ? or seen a video on it, haven't you ?

TesMgsFan1861d ago

I've played fifa 11,12 and 13. I'm not looking for the same game maby this time PES.

Myst-Vearn1862d ago

The game is not the same, each year there is a small difference. Play FIFA 11 and then play FIFA 13 and tell me if they are the same. Then play FIFA 10....'s a football game just how much can they change every year? not much room for creativity .

Linwelin1862d ago

they can start with the bloody crowds!!

Masta Kaos1862d ago

Fox Engine will crush it....

Myst-Vearn1862d ago

it takes a lot more than a new engine to make a great football game.