VirtuSphere - First Steps To a Real Holodeck

DarkZero writes: "Okay, we'll admit it is not quite up to illustrious Star Trek standards just yet, and yes it is just a giant plastic ball on wheels, but what you see above (at the link) is apparently the first steps to creating something that all watchers of Star Trek are quite familiar with, and most could have wished was possible.

The VirtuSphere in conjunction with a motion-tracking headset that the user must wear, and rollers to allow the ball to rotate in place supposedly lets people inside somewhat realistic experience real life actions in a virtual world. They can they hypothetically run, jump, roll, or crawl all over the place as they react to information displayed on their headset - we are not sure of the last two though, we might need a bigger ball for that."

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VigorousApathy3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Gaming that alters the screen based on the movement of your head to fool your brain into seeing a 3D environment is the future. Right now though when I try to peer around corners on my monitor I just feel like an idiot.

Also, by displaying slightly different information to each eye depth perception can be created too.