Nintendo at Live: Where Are You?

Ripten writes: "Are Nintendo at Live? Is this arrogance from the best selling console developer of the current generation? They don't need to be at Live. They are better than us. We are monochrome without them.

Nintendo didn't decide to have an official presence at this humble event, maybe because they spent all their UK ad budget on sponsoring ITV and Channel 4 programs. No Nintendo games. Where was the incredible Brawl, Mario Galaxy, or even Wii Sports?

Don't worry though, the Wii did make a showing. THQ's De Blob (a Blob that brings colour to a grey scale world) and Battle of the Bands (a Guitar Hero rip-off using the Wii as your wavy guitar), and Sega Super Stars Tennis (Sonic). Wiiiiiiiiiiii!!!"

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cooke153692d ago

Where was sony at E for All which is bigger than this event that i have never even heard of.

wiizy3691d ago

exactly nintendo cant be everywhere at once.. thats just a sony fanboy trying to start something

techie3691d ago

Huh, what?

They weren't there - it's news. No they can't be everywhere, but they still weren't there.