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Submitted by Lavalamp 953d ago | news

Quantic Dream: $100m grossing Heavy Rain proves experiments can be profitable

Quantic Dream's interactive action-drama Heavy Rain netted $100 million, proving developers should 'stop thinking that innovation rhymes with unprofitable,' according to studio co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere. (Guillaume de Fondaumiere, Heavy Rain , Industry, PS3)

jujubee88  +   953d ago
I've said it before and I'll say it again,
emotion emotion emotion

Irishguy95  +   953d ago
Yeah this game was awesome, I was really surprised to find that the gameplay was extremely good. I mean, it had it's mundane parts like brushing teeth and all...but the fights and all the actions sequences were heart throbbing. Really felt like you were in the ****.
Minato-Namikaze  +   953d ago
Gave you that sense of struggle. Like when you had to escape the "doctor" after he had you tied up in the basement.
miyamoto  +   953d ago
The Greater the Risks the Greater the Rewards.
Not only that but Quanticdream has lots of balls, balls, balls to take the risks.
So does Sony, thatgamecompany,Naughty Dog, Media Molecule, Japan Studios, Team ICO, and all that work for PlayStation exclusives Demon's Souls. Gravity Rush.
David Cage also also has the balls to speak his quantic dreams even if many disagree with him.
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minimur12  +   953d ago
experiments are only profitable if they turn out good xD
NastyLeftHook0  +   953d ago
good job quantic dream. proud day 1 owner.
mayberry  +   953d ago
Superior game! Very "adult". A "must buy", imho.
AkatsukiPain  +   953d ago
The thing I love about these kind of games is because they are rare experience's. Just like Ico & Shadow of the colossus. Not many ppl gave these games a chance but they have way more to offer then most games out there. Cant wait for Beyond Two Souls.

Also ppl think new ip's are a waste of money but if u give a dev freedom & have faith in them, it usually brings the best out of devs but not giving them freedom & telling them how u think it should be done leads to devs not really putting their heart & effort into the game. I give sony alot of credit for not being afraid to try new things.

Shinra Tensei
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HammadTheBeast  +   953d ago
Don't forget Journey as well :)
AkatsukiPain  +   952d ago
Yup I left out quite a few games but definitely journey is on that list.

Shinra Tensei
-Gespenst-  +   953d ago
But doesn't mean that all "experiments" should be like Heavy Rain. I just hope this doesn't encourage other developers to "experiment" and make loads of Heavy Rain type games. One of the most overrated games ever, and it's not even the gameplay that bothers me. Dreadful writing and voice work, hackneyed use of soundtrack, and overall really juvenile even though it wants to be "mature".
Why o why  +   953d ago
Well it was still a video game that was enjoyed by many. I understand it had faults but you can see their progression from indigo prophecy (Fahrenheit) to heavy rain and there were improvements all round. Embrace that. By the time their next titles are released they could be even better experiences and enjoyed by high chested people like yourself......jokes, but maybe you were were expecting too much. Tell me a comparable game on console and ill play it, until then ill enjoy the best overated game available.
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-Gespenst-  +   953d ago
Well I appreciate your civility. I was dreading a bunch of fanboys foaming at the mouth awaited me when I saw the notification.

As for a comparable game: L.A. Noire. I honestly think it trumps Heavy Rain on every front.
kreate  +   953d ago

Basically u threw a flamebait on purpose.

@why o why

Walking dead (not survival instinct)
HammadTheBeast  +   953d ago
I disagree, it didn't try too hard to be mature, LA Noire had some pointless stuff and it kind of repeated itself a whole lot.

But to each his own I guess.
TheTwelve  +   952d ago
"But doesn't mean that all "experiments" should be like Heavy Rain. I just hope this doesn't encourage other developers to "experiment" and make loads of Heavy Rain type games."

---I would love to have the problem of having loads of Heavy Rain type games. But that will never be, because this game requires creativity which is a rare thing, so instead we have loads of shooters.

"One of the most overrated games ever,"

--- Not enough people have played this game.

"and it's not even the gameplay that bothers me."

--- I love to play games that feel different than others. There are enough games that feel exactly like other games, sacrificing creativity for popularity.

"Dreadful writing and voice work,"

--- One of the most touching stories of any videogame, and the voicework was better than most other games (even if some of them spoke with a bit of a french accent!)

"hackneyed use of soundtrack,"

--- Yet the music remains pleasantly and appropriately memorable in my head, especially the opening with the rain across the various landscapes.

"and overall really juvenile even though it wants to be "mature"."

--- There is no greater love than when one gives up his life for another. This is a lesson very few ever learn, and only adopted by those who are truly mature. This game captures that concept wonderfully. Other mature portrayals involve separation and loss, depression, insanity, obsession and revenge...all realistically presented.

wishingW3L  +   953d ago
what is this duplicate doing here when the story is already on front page with 770 degrees?
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shikamaroooo  +   953d ago
Not only that, the original story had 100 million €, which is worth more than $
Lavalamp  +   953d ago
The submission you are referring to covers the keynote speech, while this article covers the post-presentation Q&A.
Mosquito  +   953d ago
I'm sure Jason would be proud.
majiebeast  +   953d ago
Meanwhile Square enix cant even turn a decent profit with Tomb Raider which sold 3.7mil. Just tells me that Sony and QD know how to budget their games. Just look at Uncharted 2 the development cost of that was 20$ million and its 1 of the best of this gen.
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TheTwelve  +   952d ago
An excellent comparison.

Tomb Raider is a great game but it's an amalgamation of other great games. Doesn't feel original to me.

Heavy Rain is original in almost every way.

It doesn't often happen like this, but originality paid off this time.

user7693958  +   953d ago

urwifeminder  +   952d ago
I fell for it as a fan of nomad soul it didn't come close to that master game the French man is slipping.

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