'Minecraft' PC snapshot previews horses and new launcher, undead horses spotted

XMNR: Mojang released its first snapshot Thursday for Minecraft on the PC since the 1.5 Redstone update was released in March. This newest snapshot lets players test out the new horse mob as well as the new game launcher. However, it turns out there is much more in this snapshot than the developers officially announced.

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The_Infected1618d ago

Will this also come to 360? I want a horse dammit!

Queasy1618d ago

Eventually but probably not anytime soon (next couple of title updates). Mojang is several months ahead of the Xbox 360 version with the PC version.

The_Infected1618d ago

Sad face:( no horses no minecraft for me! Joking but it does suck though. Lol

Muffins12231615d ago

Sorry there wont be any updates anymore..atleast for this xbox360,the new one will have it though on next gen