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Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

Ryan Johnson at GoozerNation really wanted to do an early review of this game, due to his love of the genre, but a glaring "improvement" made it impossible to play. The new update provides a bit of respite, but is it enough to allow a devout follower to enjoy the game?

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lilbroRx2069d ago

Going by your 360 avatar, I can't imagine why.

I will definitely get it though.

lashes2ashes2069d ago

I tried to play it. I have heard so many great things about monster hunter and I was really disappointed. The camera controls were horrible and all over the place and the rest of the controls seemed really sloppy and slow. Sucks I could not play it because the idea of killing monsters,making weapons out of there bones and such and killing more monsters sounded really cool.

Ilovetheps42069d ago

You have to give it a chance. It takes a while to get used to. I played the demo and hated the game solely because of the camera. It sucked. But, a friend finally convinced me to buy it so that we could play online together. I bought it and after about five hours, it didn't bother me at all anymore. It works perfectly now in my opinion. As for the slow controls, the dual blades and the sword and shield are fast at attacking, but do less damage because they are smaller weapons. But, when you are swinging a huge lance, it shouldn’t be fast to recover. That’s a part of the game. You have to decide whether you should attack or not. Is the risk worth the reward.

My main complaint with the game is that it has next to no storyline. A monster is attacking the village and causing earthquakes. Kill him. I understand that the game is about killing monsters, but I just wish there were a back story as to why I am actually doing all this, or at least a stronger story for it.

C-Thunder2069d ago

The gear, man, your doing it for the gear! ;)

NegativeCreepWA2069d ago

Same here, picked up the game because of all the people that talked about how great it was, just find out the controls are horrible!

KrisButtar2069d ago

I remember this person, they are the others who bought a Wii U and then used their Wii cable(and not the HDMI that came with the Wii U) to hook up the Wii U to a SDTV. Then complained that the game didnt work, well I am happy they got everything in working order now and they enojoy this game.


RyanDJ2069d ago

I agree I wish I could do HDMI but the budget allowed a Wii U and not a TV yet. I do see that a HDTV may need to be bought before next gen's Sony or MS consoles. Thank goodness prices are dropping! A good TV can be bought for $400 or so.

NegativeCreepWA2069d ago

"I can barely see on the Wii U GamePad in HD two feet from my face"

Umm, you sir should not be writing anything about the Wii U if you don't even know the controller screen is not HD.

RyanDJ2069d ago

Technicalities aside, it is at least of a higher resolution than your average SDTV. I am finally able to read the text. What does the resolution qualify as? It appears better than SD.

PFFT2069d ago

The game is amazing! That is all gooday!