Deadliest Catch - Boat Safety Trailer

Remember, the last thing you want to do is leave the dock with an unstable vessel.

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jiinn3691d ago

Its funny, but I love these kinds of games. Cabella's hunting games are a lot of fun.

My friends and I really like this show, I forsee us playing this game and hanging out with burgers & beers. Lets hope they pull it off, the drama in the series will make an excellent game.

I love this TV series, Im probably going to be buying this game.

jiinn3691d ago


Lame: (39 minutes ago)
who's going to watch this?

Everyone who is looking forward to this genre-expanding game.

Rattles3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

and its exclusive to the 360 and that means it wont be getting held back by the ps3' cant wait for all us 360 owners to catch some crabs :P

highps33690d ago

Anyway the game looks pretty horrible but im checking it out just because i loved the show.

As far as it being exclusive, dunno where you read that because this article clearly states 360 AND PC... So by definition of the word exclusive you are wrong.

Dead on the ...........................