Microsoft at Live: Aims for Wii60

It seems that since Live is a consumer showcase first and foremost, Microsoft is really making a push towards capturing the family market by presenting such simple and universally palatable titles. This might actually be a pretty smart move after the recent price cuts and with Easter just around the next bend.

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sonarus3560d ago

hmmm interesting strategy. I doubt msoft has the charm the wii has to captivate that casual audience though. I would say stick to what they know

MURKERR3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

have tried rpg's in japan-failed

casual games in europe- failed

hardcore shooters- success

microsoft just havnt got the know how or are known for that genre which is a shame because competition is good and kills complacency which sony learnt the hard way at the start of this gen,kudos to microsoft they really are trying no one can deny that

chaosatom3333560d ago

i am proud that sony has embraced first person shooters. i wasn't introduced to fps until i bought ps3. there were some in ps2 but didn't look into it because I was into action adventure games, and rpgs like ff, mgs, gta, prince of persia and stuff.

Now talking about xbox, there is nothing that i feel about xbox that is casual. Although I do see MS gaining ground in rpgs tho. Atleast a fair amount compared to xbox1.

mikeslemonade3560d ago

Microsoft aims for Wii60 and misses.

Jinxstar3560d ago

If only Wii had Carcassonne....

poos33560d ago

when this guys talks all i here is blah blah blah @ the original poster

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DJ3560d ago

And thus, they should stick to making games like Ninja Gaiden and Gears of War. In fact, the real problem this year is probably the fact that there aren't enough titles to cater to the audience that actually bought Xbox 360s over the past two years. No wonder sales are down.

CrazyMystical3560d ago

it would be in mc'soft best interest to let their XNA work things out on its own

Ri0tSquad3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

The next Xbox better not have some Wii rip off type crap. Every time I turn around theres news about M$ trying aim for casuals. If thats all they care about then the next xbox will end up like Windows Vista, a disaster.

InYourMom3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

Both make great points and I totally agree. MS doesn't have enough to satisfy it's hardcore audience that truly support the 360 in 08. They have a good fair amount but I'd like to see them announcing more especially up against Sony's 08 line-up.

And Ri0t I totally agree it has me concerned that MS's quest for the quick buck will lead them to making some gimmicky console that unlike the Wii defied everyone's expectations if MS tried it they would fail.

MS needs to stick with what they know and it's great to appeal to a wider audience but make sure the core gamers you've already got and spent the money on the system are taken care of first.

But this is just the conference and I'm sure they will be appealing to both come E3.

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The story is too old to be commented.