No Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Demo Says Phil Therien

In an interview with Eurogamer Ubisoft's Phil Therien, he stated that there will not be a demo for the latest game in the Tom Clancy franchise, Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

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sonarus3692d ago

:( is it just me or are demo's slower this yr compared to last

games4fun3692d ago

and i know ill get a lot of heat for this but i cant help but feel that they are not releasing a demo because people would decide not to buy it, i personally feel as if r2 is going to be a rehash for 2 reasons

1: they chose the same location shows how creatively they were thinking when it comes to this game

2: They played it way to safe and have only been making minor graphic and minor gameplay improvements not relizing how out of date it would be from Cod4 and all the upcoming fps games

i understand if your a fan for the series its only an opinion dont get too angry

Guwapo773692d ago

Why do you need a demo, when everyone knows that part two is a slightly improved version of part one with sprint?

Part 1 was so much fun, I could give a damn if the graphics are improved. Just give me more maps to play... Oh yeah and the sprint... I could never figure out why there wasn't a sprint in the first one. Someone was shooting at you but your slow ass still walks on.

6 more days!! OMG this weekend can't come soon enough. Won't be any outside for 3 months. *sobs*

LastDance3691d ago

just play R6V. Theres your demo.

GrimWarrior3691d ago

just play the first Vegas game.

And besides, who needs a demo for that game; JUST BUY IT!!! it's a must
I didnt get Army of Two so i can get R6V2.

and btw, it's only 2 days away..

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The story is too old to be commented.