Lost Planet: Colonies - details and Akrid gameplay

"Lost Planet: Extreme Condition - Colonies Edition is the Platinum edition of the best-selling title Lost Planet: Extreme Condition adding new characters, multiplayer maps and modes. The most exciting of which is the ability to play as the Akrid, the enemy monsters from the single-player game, in various modes along with a ton of other announced features." writes

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FirstknighT3718d ago

Hell Yeah. Looks like a blast!

power of Green 3718d ago

The game is off the hook been playing it for the last couple of days its amazing everybody and their mama's are playing it again guess the LOST PLANET Colonies has people getting some practice in because its like the game just launched again.

Man The Japanese are back in full fold and have mad crazzy skills and team work now.

jinn3717d ago

nobody is hyped up for this