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Should Nintendo Quit Consoles?

Hey! It’s been a while since there's been an opinion on the blog. To be honest, just been looking for the right topic. And this week the bulb finally shone. As you probably heard Nintendo had another “Nintendo Direct” earlier this week. (3DS, GameCube, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Wii U)

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richierich  +   952d ago | Well said
Should people quit articles like this one?
L1keMike  +   952d ago
A play on words...I see what you did there.
richierich  +   952d ago
Sorry Mike no offence I just don't think its time to write off the Wii U just yet. Hopefully they will show some hardcore titles at E3 but I think the Wii casual stuff has had its day.
jimbobwahey  +   952d ago
The only thing that Nintendo have going for them is their first party games, and since they're not releasing them regularly enough to justify owning their console, it's definitely best for consumers if Nintendo abandon the hardware business and make games for the other consoles instead.

I would happily buy the latest Mario/Zelda/Metroid on day one if they were released on Xbox/PlayStation, but Nintendo will never see my money again if they insist on remaining in the hardware business because quite frankly, their consoles suck.

They keep forcing gimmicky controls and there's always a ridiculous amount of proprietary peripherals to own. They can't make a decent online service at all and their consoles are always horribly underpowered. The fact that they put out one worthwhile game a year (if you're lucky) just makes their consoles even more worthless, and who's going to buy third party games on a Nintendo console when the Xbox/PlayStation consoles are so much better for that?

The sooner Nintendo drops out the hardware business, the better. Until then, they'll continue to miss out on money from many potential customers who like their software but won't drop cash on their hardware.
sikbeta  +   952d ago

If they don't do it, they can't get those damn hits, articles like this are made just for that...
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   952d ago
Thankfully, Nintendo has since stopped listening to "fans" like jimbowahey or else they would have been dead years ago.
Pixel_Enemy  +   952d ago
I don't really understand the disagrees that jimbobwahey is getting. I agree completely with his comment. I love Nintendo first party games but my Wii collects dust in between major releases and I don't plan on buying a WiiU any time soon unless a game comes out that I must have. Forcing me to buy a console for a very select few key titles is kind of BS. I would be much happier playing Nintendo first party games on the console of MY choice.
darthv72  +   952d ago
nintendo makes good consoles and their in house teams that have been making the staple game franchises for years, are quality as well.

to be fair, IF they dropped out of the "console" market then i would expect them to be in full support of continuing their portable market. Not completely drop out of "hardware".

I mean the success of the original Gameboy is still talked about in various circles of the internet. Most companies that have successful products would dream to hit a homerun like Nintendo did with the Gameboy back in the 80's.

Times are different now vs the 8bit and 16bit days. People are more mobile with their entertainment and if a company does not take on the changing trend of mobile gaming with more serious efforts then they risk being passed up or viewed irrelevant.

That sentiment holds true for even MS and Sony when it comes to being relevant in todays social climate.
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Highlife  +   952d ago
I agree with Pixel and Jimbo. What is the point of their system other than their 1st party games? And where the hell are they? Also agree with the gimmicky controls there best games on the wii were the ones that used the wii mote like a controller. Mario Kart was better played that way and smash brothers. They are basically a kids console. Which is great for my kids. I have other systems for me and my tastes. The problem is they shouldn't even bother with the hardcore or mature games anymore they should just focus on the e for everyone games.

@advanced wars
Maybe if they listened to Jimbob and others like him Nintendo would appeal to more gamers. Not the casual fans and soccer moms like they did with the wii. And now do you think that the casual and soccer mom's that were playing wii fit are going to upgrade to a wiiu??? I don't think so. They are leaving for the Smartphone and tablet market. They made there bed and now when they release a new system they aren't going to get the gamers to follow them. Sony and Microsoft have established themselves as a more core gaming experince and the gamers will follow them to their new systems.
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Mainsqueeze  +   952d ago
I kinda wish that i could get Zelda and Mario on my 360/720 or ps3/ps4. Imagine how BA and epic a Zelda game would be when powered with Sony or Microsoft hardware plus iv'e always hated nintendos controllers. I know competition is awesome and i still want Nintendo to be successful but as of late i just haven't been too excited about what nintendo has shown as far as hardware.
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elmaton98  +   951d ago
I wouldn't want them to drop out of the console business,I mean they're practically the father of the video game business.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   951d ago
Wait. What the hell is going on in this comment section? You all are the same people who say that the exclusives are the sole reason for owning a goddamn ps3 or PS4. Stop being hypocrites.
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   951d ago

Jimbob is a representation of the many types of "fans" who complain about wanting things to get better for Nintendo, yet have no desire to buy their hardware or games because it isn't on his platform of choice.

Nintendo doesn't need to cater to people like that who aren't interested in buying their products, period.
Eyeco  +   952d ago
I bloody well hope not, it would screw the perfect equilibrium of the consoles, competition drives better games and service, gamers win in the long-run.
Tultras  +   952d ago
I don't think that competition from the Wii U or the Wii drives the Sony or Microsoft to do better.
Stroke666  +   951d ago
@tultras... yeah you're totally right, cause the kinect and move weren't rip-offs off wii. and ms would've came up with illumiroom without ever having the kinect.
paul1974  +   952d ago
should these people just quit full stop!! sad so sad
MEsoJD  +   952d ago
I think it's probably inevitable that they get out of the console business(though will stay in hanhelds). The WiiU was a bad idea.

1.Name: The average consumer isn't even aware of this things existence or thinks it's a peripheral. Nintendo should have at least called it the Wii 2 or HD.

2. Gamepad: I wasn't sold on the novelty of this controller because frankly most have their own tvs(they're pretty cheap these days). Also UI seems more of a dev issue. Some devs handle it very well on screen and others don't. It's mandatory and cost $125 to replace. Sure there are other features that some games try to incorporate with the pad, but nothing that really seems to make the gameplay experience better.

3. Hardware: Thanks to the gamepad and the tech that comes along with it makes up for the majority of the price of the console. Instead of building a console with longevity in mind, we get something that is behind the times like the wii.

4. Third Party Support: Sony and Microsoft get how vital support from this end is and it can be seen. I can't see Nintendo putting in the effort to get them interested.

5.Internet: Nintendos current online store and method/policy is sub par and in ways hurts the consumer. Things like tying downloadable games to an account is a must.

6. Stubborness: Nintendo has been praised for being innovative, but they are seemingly stubborn to evolve in certain areas fast enough. The wii should have been hd.

That said, if Nintendo would make a killing as a third party(if they're smart). I'm hoping they change my opinon at E3 because I currently have no interest.
khowat  +   952d ago
It does not take one gen to kick a company out of the console business, it is a series of failed or sub-par consoles. Nintendo isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The wii u was a messed up console it will be a stain on Nintendo's console list.
MEsoJD  +   951d ago

I didn't say that Nintendo was out right after Wii-U. I said that it's probably inevitable/eventually(especial ly if they don't change).
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They should make new games like sony.

Lol guess ninty is waiting for ps4 hype and release before wiiU takes off? They are going blow a whole year.
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NastyLeftHook0  +   952d ago
yes, but hits generate that money. smdh
ChickeyCantor  +   952d ago
Should Mr. Miyamoto die? I mean he didn't come up with CoD.
FinalomegaS  +   952d ago
user7693958  +   952d ago
I will buy Zelda on the PlayStation and millions will keep buying mario.. nintendo will keep making money big time.
but they an potentially do as good as they did with the Wii, with their next console, the one after the wii U..
if is cheap (in price "$200"), simple (meaning most casual people in the world could play with it, in terms of gameplay), is as powerful as the PS4 and comes out by 2017 (they always come out every other 5 years) ..
next gen PS5 will come out by 2020 most likely.
meaning this next nintendo console could do good, just like the Wii did if i fallow those rules.
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g2gshow  +   951d ago
Those old stubborn bastards at Nintendo headquarters need to rethink that strategy and this will be a point in history for Nintendo where they will have a Failing Game Machine well At least one that doesn't live up to their expectations this will be a lesson well learned .but to quite that's over exaggerating. Mario been Collecting coins before any of us were born
where will we be without Nintendo

Yin an yang For people that don't care about Nintendo not saying I do but some of my best gaming Moments came from Nintendo Including developers like rare. With out Nintendo the world of video games would be a much more Gloomy one an could never be the same with out them just saying

Now I'm going to be a Misspelling ass whole to balance out the force And Say could you kindly stfu
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MYSTERIO360  +   951d ago
There will always be a place for Nintendo in the games market so long as there's casual fans willing to buy one they will stay in business.

Just because Wii u is seeing poor sells right now it doesn't mean they're in trouble. It simply means that most of they're sells are being made on the Wii(Nintendo are still getting paid).
TheLyonKing  +   952d ago
My answer is no. There first part is very strong and they can pull pundits in with just that. There wii u is going to be another gamecube/n64 (sales wise) The second Nintendo can get their 3rd party relationship right then it will do better.

UNfortunatly nintendo are 1 step behing sony and microsoft.

Luckily for them their 3DS is selling like hot cakeas and witha new Zelda its going to skyrocket.
L1keMike  +   952d ago
Thanks for the great(and mature) reply.

I feel Nintendo really really need the first party support to get going for the WiiU else it will die a slow and painful death :(
sloth3395  +   952d ago
remember nintendo said they werent going to do as much first party to try to let 3rd party titles sell more but since that isnt working im sure they will do more first party
Highlife  +   952d ago
My answer is maybe. I bought a wiiu for my kids last xmas and they played Mario for a couple of weeks and then that was about it. We have rented a few games for it since then but nothing great. The system has just been siting there. My kids are back to playing some minecraft and there handhelds (nexus, vita, 3ds) and now that spring is almost here they will be back outside. I guess this wasn't the year to buy that system. The release of games have been laughable. What a horrid launch. I think they rushed the system out the door before ps4 and xbox next were here because their system just doesn't have the horse power. In doing that none of their games were ready for launch.

While competition is great The only reason to buy a Nintendo console is for their great 1st party games. And when they don't even release them what is the point of the system. So to me I guess that it would be best if they made the move and dropped hardware. That would mean less systems that I would have to buy. There could always be someone else who gets in the console buisness just hope it is never apple.
paul1974  +   952d ago
shame you fail to see such titles as lego city, mh4u, trine 2, nano assault, need for speed, many other cheap games by great developers on eshop as a reason for your kids to play! add toki tori 2 as one to test their brains also.

The only games that I see that have not come out on wii u are some mature 18+ games and as you state they are kids then these should not be relevant to them.
Highlife  +   952d ago
Some of the games you mention are on other systems. The only game you mention that my kids would show any intrest in would be Lego City. The problem is they are waiting for their core games like Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. I can't blame them those were the only 2 game I enjoyed on the wii. If It wasn't for my kids I would not have bought the last 2 nintendo consoles. Frankly other systems have grown up with me and some just haven't and that is fine. I will stick with the more mature and versitle console as oppose to the one stuck in the past. As for my kids I think nintendo is more suitible for them there just aretnt the games out that seperate this console to the others yet.
kneon  +   952d ago
I don't see how third party support is going to make a big difference. Even if they get more third party games there will still be plenty that they will be missing. Also once the PS4 and next Xbox launch they will have the weakest console in the market so will likely lag behind the others in the quality of third party games.

You buy a Nintendo console for the Nintendo games, if you don't care for those then no amount of third party games will make you buy a Wii U.
NYC_Gamer  +   952d ago
I doubt i'll ever buy another Nintendo console but they shouldn't drop out the market
Neonridr  +   952d ago
Competition spurs innovation and creativity. Without Nintendo, all we have left is two other companies that release virtually identical systems with near identical specs and aside from their own exclusives, the multiplats are nearly identical for both systems. (as in run the same, look the same, play the same)

Nintendo may not sell 50 million consoles with the Wii U, but let's at least wait until the heavy hitters come along. If they still don't move any units after the Marios, Zeldas, Mario Kart and Smash Bros come along, then maybe we can look at the Wii U as a failure.

But Nintendo will survive this, and they will live to see another day.
Dno  +   952d ago
those games won't push sales all that much unless they are really close together AND have a price drop close to it. if nintendo releases a mario this year and a zelda a year later thats not going to work.

Price drop is mostly what is needed.
Neonridr  +   952d ago
I agree that a price drop will be imminent, I would say $50 off. Just in time for the holiday season. A lot of retailers in Europe are already dropping prices to spur purchasing. But it's hard to make people want to buy the system when there are hardly any games on it.

This holiday season will be the big tell for Nintendo. With Sony releasing their system and most likely Microsoft too, a lot of eyes will be looking at Nintendo to see what aces they have up their sleeves.
paul1974  +   952d ago
absolute trash! wait till the next ps4 and xbox come out then you will understand its good value! i think you people in the states expect to be given stuff based on how cheap stuff is over there! maybe this explains the average US consumer (cheap) just saying! try coming to europe or Australia for price comparison.
PopRocks359  +   951d ago
"Price drop is mostly what is needed."

What are you, LOL_WUT's twin? Retailers have been slashing the Wii U's price themselves with little to no results. You can't expect a lower price tag to reel in customers when there is hardly any awareness of the console.

Stop saying a price cut will help the Wii U sell, because news flash: it has not and will not.
LOL_WUT  +   951d ago
@ Dno Agreed

Articles like these wouldn't even pop up if Nintendo would just drop the damn price of the console. It helped the 3Ds did it not? A little push in sales wouldn't be too bad. ;)

As for Nintendo calling it quits nope don't think so. Going the software route would really make them some dough. ;)
Mr_Writer85  +   952d ago
In the 'golden age' we only has Nintendo and Sega.
pythonxz  +   952d ago
The 16-Bit Era was the best of gaming. Nintendo and Sega really showed what friendly competition does for the industry.
Dark11  +   952d ago
Well it does make sense for Nintendo to go handheld-only.
but that only if the Wii U didn't sells and failed.

right now we have to wait.
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josephayal  +   952d ago
that makes alot of sense, They should just stop making consoles and focus on the 3DS
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   952d ago
I want Nintendo to release a console for the hardcore again.
If they did that I would pick one up straight away.
The WiiU can go either way at this point (hardcore or casual) so I'm still on the fence with that one. I think they just need to keep up with Microsoft and Sony hardware/specs wise, well they don't need to I would prefer them too as I was a big fan of the NES,SNES,N64 and GameCube. The wii though not so much :/
daclynk  +   952d ago
another doom and gloom news. Haven't we seen enough. Started from N64 to GameCube to Wii and now Wii U. so i have a question when is Nintendo going to die?
G20WLY  +   952d ago
How is it news? It's labelled as an 'Opinion Piece' and presented as a question!

If you think the answer is "no", say so, present your reasoning and move on.

You asking "when is Nintendo going to die" is just being ridiculous and immature imo :|
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L1keMike  +   952d ago
Thanks for this. Some people clearly can't read. Or refuse to make a structured argument.
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Captain Qwark 9  +   952d ago
i've thought this for years. its nice they continue to try new things with each console but the results are always a mixed bag and for the last 3 consoles, they were far behind the other two in terms of features. upside though, it inspires the other two to take some risk but at the same time, they could make a ton of money just putting their first party titles on both ps and xbox and eliminating the cost of manufacturing, researching, etc new console hardware.
g-nome  +   952d ago
More consoles ... better prices... more choice.
StraightedgeSES  +   952d ago
I think a handheld should be Nintendos next console since that's where all the support is,but if they can turn the Wii U around like they did with the 3DS then no they should not quit making consoles.
#11 (Edited 952d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
givemeshelter  +   952d ago
Yes...They should quit and Microsoft and or Sony should do so also and leave consumers with less choice so the one company standing can raise prices and lower quality...
When will they ban stupid articles like this on N4G.COM...
Mikelarry  +   952d ago
Exactly what they said about the vita being dead, although i will never own a nintendo console i dont want them to quit more competition makes better overall offerings we as consumers get from the gaming industry. gamers should be very worried if nintendo quits
imXify  +   952d ago
They should stop wasting money on useless technology like the 3D on the 3DS and start listening to consumers about what they really want.
Neonridr  +   952d ago
30 million people disagree with you right now..
imXify  +   952d ago
I guess almost none of those 30 million people asked for 3D on their 3DS
SharpPixel  +   952d ago
I don't think so, I really enjoy Nintendo consoles.
MasterCornholio  +   952d ago
Nintendo just needs a good kick in the pants that way they will produce capable systems and cater to the core.

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HG_69   952d ago | Spam
MontyQ  +   952d ago
nintendo should stick to handhelds
KrimsonKody  +   952d ago
Nintendo should do what Sega has done;
Close the console market & mass produce their games across multi'platforms.
They can save some production monies & get their games into more homes.
But, their only problem with that is once they release the Nintendo trio (Metroid, Super Mario, Zelda), what else can they release?
Ck1x  +   952d ago
Because its worked out so great for Sega right? At one point when Sega first got out of the hardware business, they had aspirations to be even bigger than EA as a 3rd party publisher. Their end result Is nowhere near that goal... Fact is if Nintendo's IP's were on PS or Xbox, there would be nothing unique about any of those games, because those consoles aren't unique!
KrimsonKody  +   952d ago
No, it did'nt work too well with Sega, & that is mostly because, at the time, Sega had a little over a handful of franchises that still retained interest (Sonic, EA license, etc.), & they were also grossing alot from arcade games. When arcades died out, so did a portion of Sega's revenue, which left them wit only their IPs.
But we're in a different time now, where developers are not too concerned with exclusiveness & more concerned about how many gamers they can reach (even Kojima mentioned how he wants his games to be multi-platform).
This can work wonders with Nintendo, because Nintendo IPs are extremely strong. Nintendo IPs are'nt "unique" either, just because they are exclusive to a Nintendo console. But they are well known, iconic, great IPs that many gamers love, but just can't bring themselves to buy the console just for a handful of games.
Now, if Nintendo said "oh, the next Mario will be multi-plat, gamers & fans alike would scurry & flock to their nearest console. Just about every gamer would have a 1st party Nintendo game in their home, regardless of which console they own.
& to be honest, most gamers ONLY buy the console TO get the latest 1st party IPs.
I would say maybe 60-70% is the fanbase & the remaining percentage is what Nintendo draws in with new IPs & gimmicky peripherals.
ThePsychoGamer  +   952d ago
"Fact is if Nintendo's IP's were on PS or Xbox, there would be nothing unique about any of those games, because those consoles aren't unique!"

The funny thing about the comment is when you think about it, it really says nothing good about Nintendo.

Your basically saying that Nintnedo is so creatively bankrupt that they couldn't make anything remotely unique working with standard hardware. Despite devs like Compile Heart, Nippon Ichi, Ryo Ga Gotoku Studios, Valve, Rockstar, and ThatGamecompany all delivering some of the most unique experiences gaming can offer all on this consoles that as you say "Aren't Unique"
_LarZen_  +   952d ago
Partly yes...

They should keep their handheld hardware division and make great Nintendo games for that and others systems.
wiiuuii  +   952d ago
nintendo try different things with there controller MS/ Sony dont so the devs are use too theirs i agree with u guys about not haveing the games but EA and the rest short change nintendo and charge us the same price so its not the wii u is under power its the devs are robbing us so your not going to get C.O.D and others to sell well Blame the devs not nintendo
o-Sunny-o  +   952d ago
Answer to the title No but Nintendo needs to kindly get off their seat and release games with dates sooner than never. Their last Direct was all 3DS with Wii U oh we have an update and Panorama view.
hectic   952d ago | Spam
Iltapalanyymi  +   952d ago
lovegames718  +   952d ago
Nintendo will be fine but they just need to listen to the gamers that were once faithfuls but left due to what they didn't like Nintendo were doing with the Wii and now Wiiu. Listen to criticism and then act accordingly next time around and Nintendo should be fine.

Next console leave the gimmicks and underwhelming hardware alone and go big or go home but do it prudently. They don't have to make a super expensive console but at least make one that will wow us and keep up with whatever Sony and Xbox dish out next. If i were them i would play the waiting game next gen and act accordingly meanwhile still working on the hardware all along (which all companies do)
KrimsonKody  +   952d ago
Oh, here's a thought that I forgot to add;
What if they make an handheld, which is primarily an handheld, but add outputs on the handheld, allowing you to connect it to your TV & play?
This would be ultra brilliant!
They can focus strongly on handheld games, sell massive units, & please the home bodies. What could go wrong? & another reason it would work is because Nintendo doesn't chase after cutting edge power & graphics, which eliminates the pressure to be as powerful as consoles. This should've been done during the time the 3DS was being developed.

"Genius! Just...suuuper genius!"
^- in Wile E. Coyote's voice.

What ever happened to Nintendos' slogan "Now, you're playing with power!"?
Jek_Porkins  +   952d ago
No, the majority of their consoles have been spot on, people now look back at the Gamecube and saw "Wow!", but it wasn't really that way when it launched. I think the Wii U will end up fine, but I am not looking forward to all the negative articles around all the new consoles later this year, could be rough before it gets better.
mdkgod43  +   952d ago
YESS Nintendo please go away
SSJBen  +   952d ago
Not a Nintendo fan, didn't really like most of their games.
But why should they really quit when they have just like... one console selling poorly?

They've been there before actually. The Virtual Boy was by far worse than how the Wii U is doing currently, why didn't anyone tell them to shut their doors at that time? What? Because there isn't Sony and Microsoft? There's Sega... jeez.

Double standards.
kirbyu  +   952d ago
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