Bethesda’s Project Zwei is Shinji Mikami’s New Game: The Evil Within


'Bethesda has officially announced The Evil Within, the first game from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami’s studio Tango Gameworks. The Evil Within is a survival horror title due to arrive on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and next-generation consoles in 2014.'

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Despair6661585d ago

Just what resident evil 6 should have been

Zechs341585d ago

Good screens! Cant wait to see it in motion soon!

Release date now please!

r211585d ago

Well...those are disturbing. Looking forward to seeing the gameplay and preparing my pants.

rezzah1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

looks more like a Silent Hill game than Resident Evil.

The title of the game, and the images reminded me of The Evil Dead remake. Good movie.


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XB1_PS41585d ago

Scary games, you have truly been missed.

THE-COMMANDER1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Thank you Dark11!

yaz2881585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

OMG! OMG! this shit is so AWESOME!

these screens looks ... I am so hyped for this!

Biohazard88601585d ago

You are a god sir thank you for posting <3

sengoku1585d ago

this game looks crazy, cant wait.
the legend has returned to claim his throne once again

silenius1585d ago

Creepiest thing i've seen this year...
wow... wonder what it will be like.

looking forward to a gameplay video.

Rivitur1585d ago

Ironically you post 11 screens.

zerocrossing1585d ago

Awesome screens! Thanks Dark11.

Well guys, looks like survival horror is back! Best start buying in some spare undies ;)

Inception1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

This game will F* RE ass sooooooo hard until RE can't use it own ass anymore!!! ^^

Anyway, thx for the screenshot mate. Bubs+

Iltapalanyymi1585d ago

holy shit this is beautiful! cant wait to play this! looks pretty scary too :3

JC_Denton1585d ago

Holy crap. That trailer looked cliche and silly, but these screens get me pumped to no end.

BattleTorn1585d ago


Get this man some bubbles!

Reibooi1585d ago

That looked awesome. If the game itself even holds up to half of what was in the trailer it's gonna be creepy and scary as hell. Which is good since haven't had a good scary game since the Silent Hill series started going downhill. Can't wait to see more of this.

NastyLeftHook01585d ago

survival horror has officially been revived

Sketchy_Galore1585d ago

So, is that the kind of visual quality we can expect from the PS4 version? I mean, can anyone in the know tell whether or not these are just bullshots or has there been any word on whether this is the way it will look on PS4 because if that's really how it's gonna look that's just crazy, especially the pic just after the... Whateverthecrap it is has taken a bullet and all the blood is spraying out, that looks pretty damn awesome.

Ashunderfire861585d ago

Gonna trade in Dead Space 3 for this nuff said!!! True horror indeed. Who is the idiot that disagree? This looks great!!!!

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DeletedAcc1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Most Wanted


Edit: Dark11 bubble+ for you

DonFreezer1585d ago

I'm sorry but I'm extremely more hyped for this than The Last Of Us.

_-EDMIX-_1585d ago

I'm hyped for both. I can't say "more" then the other because they look like both great games and completely different directions.

Abdou231585d ago

Finally Shinji Mikami leaves the WRPG Teenage bullshit and goes back to what he does best.

wishingW3L1585d ago

what are you talking about?

GamingManiac1585d ago

I second that!