Pre-production on Beyond dev Quantic Dream's PS4 game began middle of 2012

Hasn't been decided whether Beyond will be ported to PS4.

By Wesley Yin-Poole

Pre-production on Quantic Dream's mystery - but confirmed - PlayStation 4 game began in the middle of 2012.

Vice president Guillaume de Fondaumière told Eurogamer in an interview today at the Digital Dragons event in Poland that the developer, which made PlayStation 3 exclusives Heavy Rain and the upcoming Beyond, was one of the first studios in the world to receive a PlayStation 4 development kit from Sony.

"We received PS4 development kits - at the beginning it's specs then it becomes early kits - very early on," he said. "We were among the first studios in the world to receive those kits."

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dafegamer2066d ago

Awwww Yeah!
trolling from a Nintengnome

dafegamer2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

sh*t double post

dafegamer2066d ago

@jujubee88 sorry for the insult, your comment looked like a troll attempt. I will take that back

Conzul2066d ago

Nice that a non-Sony owned company was with the first. They should just get a room already.

VsAssassin2066d ago

I want this game, even without anything to go by. I'm that of a QD fan!

avengers19782066d ago

Love QD and if that tech demo they showed at the PS4 press conference is any sign of what there bringing count me in. Can't wait for beyond looks amazing and QD does great stories and gameplay.
Indigo prophecies, and heavy rain are among my all time favs

Clover9042066d ago

"Following mixed messages, we asked the Quantic Dream executive whether the game would be released for Sony's next-gen console.

"That's not been decided yet," he replied."

This would be amazing! Even if the game doesn't look that much better or take advantage of the ps4 tech. The game comes out so late, and I know I'll be selling my ps3 to help pay for the ps4 and games.

lovegames7182066d ago

Man! im really excited for this game and good to see that Heavy Rain financially did really good for Sony. Good financials means more work and great ips from this company!!!!!

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