The Hot Topic : Whats Next For Nintendo?

Nidzumi Writes : I guess by now we can finally say that Nintendo have turned it around since the small degrees of success that they had with the Gamecube. The Wii and DS have sold millions worldwide and they still have a few more years in them yet but what is next for Nintendo?

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XBOX 3603539d ago

Obviously to do it all over again and trick people into buying the same thing + a small patch again for full price.


BiggDaddy3113539d ago

I was looking at their lineup past Wii Fit and Mario Cart and nothing even tingles my sences. Then I watched the interview with Reggie on GameTrailers tv and it looks like there are not going to annouce there fall lineup till E3. which means that they will have about a 6 month window for when nothing blockbuster will even sniff the system. Let's hope they give us a little hint darn. Mario and Sonic are still in the top 4 sales list and that came out in November? Come on