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Next-Gen: Console ‘Cycle May Become Irrelevant’ Says Pachter

X360: Next-Gen consoles could render the traditional ‘cycle’ irrelevant according to industry analyst Michael Pachter. Will the Next Xbox be the last one you buy? (Microsoft, Xbox One)

avengers1978  +   835d ago
I think there will be another console cycle, tech keeps advancing, playstation and Xbox will continue to put out new consoles as the tech grows... I'm sure sooner or later tech will hit a peak or stand still, but until they make consoles you can crack open and upgrade there will always be something new. New in 2250 the playstation holodeck
Mkai28  +   835d ago
I agree, unless consoles become upgradable they will continue to come out with " stuck in the box" consoles.
mediate-this  +   835d ago
Lets hope pachter becomes irrelavent
pete007  +   834d ago
if we want games to become a form of art, and be recognized as per se... we need to reach the 100teraflop barreer. till it remains stable so developpers dont need to deal with hardware restrictions, technology will advance at a crazy rate. if we remember the first console gens, and compare with future releases, ps, xb, we see clearly lots of phylosophy changes, a lot more will happen in the future, but the console concept had remain almost intact. and we passed from a room device connected to a small tv, to the living room with a full hd. now they will take the cable box place road to living room supremecy. the futur is bright. and as we gamers continue to grow in numbers, soon the first gaming political congrtegation will be formed and in a few years WORLD will be ruled by gamers. i think patcher forgot to mention that or... hasnt think of yet!!
peace, get ready for ps4/xbox combat with us gamers to be the WINNERS
Droid Control  +   834d ago
I remember Pachter said there wouldn't be a 720/PS4.
Anyone else remember that?
trenso1  +   834d ago
didnt this guy say the next gen was going to do well or something along those lines? why does what he say even matter

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