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For Nintendo, slow and steady makes sense

GI: ''Software delays on Wii U may frustrate - but Nintendo knows that its long-term success is built on game quality, not "winning" sales war.'' (3DS, Nintendo, Wii U)

NastyLeftHook0  +   362d ago
show the first party soon nintendo, i meen jaw dropping metroid/zelda/starfox and people will come. but honestly right now your not looking too good.
sinncross  +   362d ago
With the WiiU Nintendo is is a weird place. It is really hard to truly determine what will happen right now.

The situation with the WiiU is different to the 3DS. The 3DS has only one direct competitor: the PSV. Nintendo only has to make their handheld look more lucrative than the one device. With the WiiU, it has to look viable against the PS4 AND the next Xbox. but with all this multiplatform news, even the current consoles are getting more software support (so it seems for now)

On top of this the WiiU is supposedly tracking slower than the GC in the US, and teh GC was a major bust even with top quality first and third party exclusives.

Finally, major support for the Wii eventually ran its course and teh system was somewhat left to die instead of being supported. We come to the Wiiu and we have games that should have been at the launch window getting delayed. Yes, we know the quality is going to be better but that does not deny that the whole situation just looks odd. Compare Sony: they have about 6 brand new games they are developing and publishing coming this year, when the PS4 release. But they also have 4 potential launch titles for the PS4 lined up. That is a huge contrast from the Wii to WiiU transition by Nintendo themselves.

The WiiU is not going to die, and even if it did the GC and N64 (to some degree) proves that it wont force Nintend out of the console market: it is ludicrous to think otherwise. But if their are people who are skeptical atm i think they have some right to be so.
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wheresmymonkey  +   362d ago
Yes Sony has shown off 6 games. I bet when the console actually launches we might see one or two actually get relased along side the ps4. The same number that Nintendo have with the wiiU.

There's also been more first and thrid party games released for the wiiU than there were for the same period both the xbox 360 and the ps3 during their launch window.

Finally the thing that every idiot on the internet seems to have forgotten. Every console from time in memorial takes a bout a year to start getting any kind of steady stream of software. The same lack of games will also be true when the ps4 comes out and the 720. its always slim pickings to begin with.
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TopDudeMan  +   362d ago
Yeah, the launch line-up was really promising, but I think they lost a fair bit of steam.
Knushwood Butt  +   362d ago
That's great for Nintendo.

Not so good for any that spent cash on a Wii U...
miyamoto  +   362d ago
"success is built on game quality, not "winning" sales war"

wow when sales figures are not in their favor now they turn to game quality

What happened?

so for Nintendo 98 million Wii units sold is not success?!

and the Ninty fanatics say sales figures are the meaning of success


what a slap on the face!

Ninty drops its loyalists' only claim to glory! Nintendo fanatics have been holding on to sales figures as their idea of success and winning. Their claim to fave is relegated worthless by this staement of Nintendo.
whamlollypop7  +   362d ago
Where ever they place in sales is irrelevant, everything they do is in one of four themes. They are lacking in ingenuity. The quality of the games is high but lets be real. Nintendo fanboys are a zealous lot but how many 2-D mario themed platformers are they going to make?
Realplaya  +   362d ago
There 2d platformers sale a boatload of games look at the last one for proof. everyone said the same thing about the 3ds and they showed off high quality games and haven't looked back sense. Basically the Wii U will start to get better software towards the end of the year the other two systems will have there share of problems.
Nodoze  +   362d ago
I can't help but wonder how Nintendo would do if they did not have to worry about hardware. What if they were able to work on true powerful next gen platforms? Imagine the results!?

I say this knowing that the hardware is a large part of what Nintendo is, but it has to be asked.
Nevers0ft  +   362d ago
As much as it's frustrating to us Wii U owners, this is the right approach. I expect a catalogue of rushed, crappy 1st party games would harm the Wii U far more than a drought.

I might not be exactly thrilled about the current Wii U software situation (although I've got quite a few games: 9 retail, 7 Wii U Ware and 4 VC - I'm not bored) but its preferable to Nintendo releasing a bunch of crud just to make the numbers look better.
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SharpPixel  +   362d ago
Nintendo is playing the Mario kart method, waiting near the back with a blue shell.
Blacklash93  +   362d ago
Hopefully the Wii U can pick up steam like the 3DS is right now.

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