Nintendo: 3DS sales may pick up in the U.S. this year

The 3DS has been doing decently in the US and other western regions, but has exploded in Japan. There’s a reason for this Nintendo’s Bill Trinen explains.

He has said that the console will take off in the US this year due to the games that will be released for it. “We have noticed that in the US in particular, people tend to, at least when it comes to handheld gaming, they tend to shift generations a lot more slowly than they do particularly in Japan. In Japan, once a new handheld system comes out it’s like everybody just goes right to it,” he told Gamespot.

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NastyLeftHook02070d ago

damn nintendo, you sure are making up for the wii u god damn.

daclynk2070d ago

Yea they are. looking forward to E3.

Sanquine902070d ago

You mean my Wii U finally gets games? ...

Nodoze2070d ago

I think they are going to WOW at E3 with a number of titles for the WiiU. NEVER count Nintendo out.

Just a few short months ago everyone was predicting the end of Nintendo's handheld dominance. The 3DS is doomed, Nintendo is doomed. Well eat some crow cause they are dominating again.

Now they need to shift some focus back to the WiiU.

rezzah2070d ago

Actually those predictions might have been near the release of the 3DS. After that price drop it's been smooth sailing for the 3DS.

I think that despite low sales at any point in a gaming console/handheld is not a bad thing, as long as something is done to improve sales. Some really bad decisions must be made for something to tank completely.

Nodoze2062d ago

Well nm. They are not having a proper presser at E3 this year. Hmmm.

rezzah2062d ago

lol true, we just found out about it yesterday.

The only positive thing other than E3 is apparently their video reveals... Nintendo Direct?

I never watch them.

swice2070d ago

Yeah. You just announced the direct sequel to A Link to the Past. You bet your ass 3DS sales will go up this year. I will be adding to that statistic myself very soon

Automatic792069d ago

E3 is going to be fantastic for Nintendo.