The big question about "Super Smash Bros. Brawl"

Mike Antonucci writes:

I've already made it clear how much I like "Brawl," along with a legion of other reviewers. And the little issues I've raised so far about the playing experience - such as which Wii controller to use - are quibbles at most.

But there IS a big question about "Brawl." It's the same question that has come up prominently when previous "Smash Bros." games have been released, and it's best summarized as this: How seriously should parents take the game's Teen rating, since that means they're supposed to exercise caution about allowing kids under 13 to play it?

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tweaker3721d ago

Will I ever find a damn match online?

Infolite89073721d ago

I don't think parents should worry about this game as much because like Wii being a Family-Friendly game smash bros has really been not as a uh um-Sh*t just lost my thought. lol

IzKyD13313721d ago

game ratings in general aren't enforced much, the other day i saw this 12 year old buy GTA san andreas (i can tell that he knew one of the workers)
parents dont let kids go into R rated movies, but they do let kids play M rated games because there "games"

e-ray3721d ago

More like, the big question is, is this Smash Bros. any different from the ones previous?

Take this with a grain of salt, as it's just my opinion, but I've played them all extensively and come away with the same feeling from each. Mediocre legend-fest of nostalgia.

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