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Submitted by Patient_62482 956d ago | opinion piece

OPINION: European Commission shoots down tax incentives for U.K. game industry.

The ever-waging fight for tax breaks in the U.K. game industry is known all too well by developers. The sheer opportunities that would blossom from offering tax breaks to developers are overwhelming. But the idea has been dealt another smack in the teeth with the European Commission--the U.K.'s analogue to the U.S. Congress--deciding to do an in-depth investigation into the proposed tax relief plan. (Industry)

bumnut  +   955d ago
fossilfern  +   955d ago
No its the higher ups in the EU who need changed!
Roper316  +   955d ago
same goes for here in the states. What a corrupt lying bunch of SOB's we have here. Doesn't matter which side of the fence they are on left or right their all the same.
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bumnut  +   955d ago
Thats why I said vote UKIP, UK will then leave the EU and they can no longer order us around.

We have fought wars to not be ruled by Europe, signing up to the EU was a stupid idea.
fossilfern  +   955d ago
E @Bumnut we are not ruled by Europe... how can we be ruled if we have always been European. The EU needs changed but abandoning is stupid if you ask me.
BattleAxe  +   955d ago
Gotta love Nigel Farage! Vote UKIP!!!
Stefanrules7  +   955d ago
Ive had it with europe first they let polish immigrants claim benefits with no questions asked, then we have to pay for romanian farmers any money they lose because of drought and we have to bailout portugal,ireland,greece,cyprus and they say its against the law to keep terrorists in prison or try to extradite them anywhere

And now the final straw has been drawn

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