Fact or Fiction: Fitting MGS4 On Blu-ray disc, Gran Turismo 5 & More

411's Owain Brimfield and Mathew Sforcina give their thoughts on Kojima's inability to fit MGS4 into a Blu-ray disc, the viability of a buttonless handheld, Disgaea's jump to the DS, whether the Crystal Chronicles series can be considered "real" Final Fantasy games, Earthworm Jim's relevance, and whether Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will be a worthy purchase in this edition of Fact or Fiction Games.

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Kaz Hirai3746d ago

Blu-Ray is the future! Enjoy your PRIMITIVE, DISGUSTING DVD-9!

Could MGS4 be game of the year?
The PIGS are jealous, I smell their fear,
Your '08 "line-up" makes me SICK,
You 360 PIGS really are THICK!


Harry1903746d ago

already is the game of the year,maybe of the decade
(which ends 2011).many people criticize it because
they are not intelligent or psyched enough to understand how
brillant it is(franchise in general)

iAmPS33746d ago

I did not know such a undeveloped race could have human feelings, but I think I am wrong.

The PIGS have nightmares about the day they bought their CrapBox 3rdFixMe. A choice that brought them pain, regret, misery, envy and gluttony in exchange for what? Subversion and Slavery to Nazisoft?

I am sorry XTARDS, you sh1t on the plate now you have to eat. I can even send you some some Mountain Dew to go with that, it's green, I know you like it.

We don't blame you BOTS for making that choice at that time, the PS3 wasn't out yet, wait............ you should have waited, SWINE.

May Sony Gods Bless Us All!!!

Reason3746d ago

Sometimes, I log on to this site just for your spirited comments. Will track to increase agrees.

DragonKnight3745d ago

It's people like you that make all Sony fans look like that asshat Chad Warden. Seriously, just shut up now.

It's fine to like Sony, it's fine to dislike the 360, it's fine to state an opinion, but try to act your age and not your shoe size.

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chaosatom3333746d ago

blue-ray + capability to upgrade to huge hard drive equals ownage.

tidus0073746d ago

so good to be a ps3 owner

You can upgrade your HDD to any size and AT ANY TIME YOU WANT

You can upgrade as many times as you WANT

xplosneer3746d ago

Where did you find a 500GB 2.5HD? I heard Seagate was making some but they weren't out yet.

InYourMom3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

I don't think Tidus even owns a PS3. I haven't seen any 500gig 2.5" drives for sale and the one person I read on the PS3 boards said he had to modify the mounting brackets in order to fit a 500gig standard HDD in it, which I kind of doubt as well.

Tidus you got a link to that HDD you got for your PS3?

tweaker3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Technically I have a 500gig PS3 too. 250GB internal and 250gGB external though.

Don Ahid3746d ago

Does Upgrading your hardrive expire your warrinty

Dark_Overlord3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

It's quite easy to get a 500 gig HD as your internally registered HD, all you need is an external HD enclosure and a male to male ESATA cable (or a female to female cable can't remember which). From there trim the one clip off the one end of the connector so it allows it to fit inside the PS3 hard drive bay and connect to the ESATA connector, then put your HD in the external enclosure and plug the other of the ESATA connector into it and it will recongise it as the internal HD.

@Don ahid - no upgrading your HD doesn't invalidate the warranty

Sayai jin3746d ago

@Dark_Overlord- Uh, anytime you open and modify a electronic device it voids your warranty.

EZCheez3746d ago

Upgrading the HDD on the PS3 does NOT void the warranty.

Here's proof straight from Sony. Why do you guys keep forgetting this?


Just in case you don't want to follow the link, this is Sony reference anyone who wants to upgrade their HDD to the user manual, which actually has instructions on how to switch it out. It also specifically states:

"Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc. (SCEA) does not have any information regarding specific compatibility or recommendations for hard disk drives for the PLAYSTATION 3 system. Upgrading the HDD will not void the warranty, however, the consumer takes full responsibility when upgrading the HDD."

Dark_Overlord3746d ago

the method i stated above only involves altering a cable and not the PS3 hardware, so it doesn't invalidate the warranty, and as EZCheez said, upgrading the HD does not invalidate the warranty. I could understand your point if I'd made an alteration to the hardware in my method, but as it is I don't, thus not voiding the warranty.

Sayai jin3746d ago

@EZCheez, Thnks, but I have read that before and spoke to Sony's Tech Support. I was told that "owners takes full repsonsility" meant tht should problem arise the owner take full responsibilty for having it repaired. I am stating what they told me when I called. I had my original PS3 die on me after 2 weeks. It was taking a long time to have it returned so I called Sony's CS to see what the hold up was. One of the first thing they asked me was hd I altered anything on the PS3 or opened it, I replied not, but the electrical engineer in me wantd too so bad, LOL. I asked them if I could alter the hard drive when I had mine returned and if they could recommended a suitable one. They said it was my repsonsibilty if the HDD failed or had issues. It would not void the warranty on the other protions of the system, but it would not cover the HD or anything else that could have been damaged from the alteration.

@Dark_Overlord - My bad, please read above. his was what I am basing my comment off of.

EZCheez3746d ago

It says it right in the warranty. Sony will cover everything except third party material in the PS3.

You said that changing out the HDD voids the warranty. It does not void the warranty on the PS3. But did you think that Sony will replace or repair a third party HDD for you?

What exactly are you trying to get at? I thought we were being specific about whether or not changing out the HDD in your PS3 voids your warranty, because it doesn't.

Dark_Overlord3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

No worries

I didn't think the HD was covered under the warranty anyway, apart from if it was a manufacturing defect (I mean the one that comes with the PS3)

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longduckdong3746d ago

1080p @ 60fps. I don't see any other racer with that clarity and speed. And that's what racing is all about - clarity and speed.

TheExecutive3746d ago

well, its not there yet. the game itself isnt at 1080p, but I think it will be by the end of production.

Gran Turismo 3 is the series leader with 14 million sold; it was the first on the ps2

however, the ps3 allows PD to make a better game. The first on the ps3 will be the largest sales the GT series has ever seen. I am guessing 16 million lifetime sales. GT:P is amazing, I cant imagine the final product.

kwicksandz3746d ago

but the previous games on ps2 at least didnt really have much of a sensation of speed compared to other racers. brilliant graphics and lots of customisation but travelling at 300km felt like 150km unless your in the polphony 001

InMyOpinion3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Looks great, moves slow, serious lack of options. I do hope they add damage modeling and some customization to GT5. It needs that to compete with other racers. Graphics are important, of course, but if that's the only thing it has going for it, it will get boring fast.

Milky3746d ago

Wipeout HD is confirmed 1080p 60fps.

TheExecutive3746d ago

While I agree with you Jenzo, I hate to say that GT needs anything to compete with the competition. The competition needs to up their game to compete with GT, sales wise that is.

InMyOpinion3746d ago

True. In the end they do deliver what people want.

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Ri0tSquad3746d ago

Exactly, their thoughts, not facts.

TheExecutive3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

sure, i understand and I agree, who are these guys?

To tell you the truth these are all opinions, some more respectable than others. We industry analysts look for certain trends and possible answers to factual business deals, but these guys act as though their opinion is truth which is wrong to do and takes away from their credibility.

kingOVsticks3746d ago

you can take a racer seriously when you know it has the name granturismo ,you get 6 tracks,online play,60 cars which is alot more then most racers and its 1080p @ 60FPS.

The Lazy One3746d ago

Other racers have upwards of 40 cars and a lot more than 6 tracks.