First Screenshots of Monster Hunter Online Show the Beauty of a Modern PC-Only Monster Hunter

Tencent Games published the first large wave of screenshots of Monster Hunter Online, showing us how good a modern Monster Hunter game with a state-of-the-art engine on PC can look.

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nofallouthero1921d ago

i cant wait to play it i hope its either b2p or f2p and not a subscription

Abriael1921d ago

In china and Japan it'll be F2P. No word for the west yet.

papashango1921d ago

=\ I hope west gets announced

Steelmanner1920d ago

The west has been confirmed toady. I am so excited, here I was all bummed out that i didn't have a DS for Monster Hunter 4, but seeing this just mad my day.

DA_SHREDDER1921d ago

This didn't look like nothing a ps4 or WiiU couldn't handle. Hopefully it comes to these platforms and in the U.S this year.

MasterCornholio1921d ago

I'm pretty sure the PS4 can handle a game like that but I have my doubts about the Wii U especially with its limited memory.

Motorola RAZR i

Erdrick1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

i doubt either console could handle it, imho. but ports would be awesome tho.

N4GCB1921d ago

This isn't graphically impressive, the ps4 could easily handle it.

Did you not see Deep Down?

And what's with this article

"beauty of PC only", let me tell you there was a monster hunter before this for PC and it's graphics were way worse, nothing going on here but an new engine.

djthechamp241921d ago

This game was made on cryengine 3 and that a somewhat pretty on engine dude so yeah the ps4 and WII U can handle this

SirBradders1921d ago

But i thought capcom signed exlusivity to nintendo for 3 years.

Abriael1921d ago

probably that's either limited to console, to non MMO games, or to numbered chapters (if it's even true).

stragomccloud1921d ago

PCs are always an exception to that those deals. Yay PC!

stragomccloud1920d ago

Wow. I need to proof read before I actually click "add comment."

SirBradders1920d ago

Looks like ill be picking this up then if its for pc.

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MrWonderful1921d ago

Please bring this to consoles

DeletedAcc1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

Even wiiu can handle with the graphics lol TLOU looks way better too!

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