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Will Your Digital Spending Increase In The Next Generation?

It's obvious that the industry is heading the digital route, but if you're a veteran gamer, do you see your purchasing habits changing any time soon...? (Culture, Next-Gen)

MuhammadJA  +   837d ago
Absolutely! I ditched the physical games 3 years ago and I haven't looked back.
NastyLeftHook0  +   837d ago
no. i like my disks. i want to sell the mofos when i used them, beat them for all there worth, so they can be used again. .....and again, no lube, greasy case and all
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The_Infected  +   837d ago
I like both digital, disk, and streaming. No need to go only one way or no way.
DarkBlood  +   837d ago
Not me thats for damn sure.
1OddWorld  +   837d ago
I would do all digital downloads if we were auto mailed the info packs for the game.

For Example: GTA

If you buy the physical copy. You get the map, instructions/button layout and radio station guide.

With the digital download you would not receive any of this material.
Snookies12  +   837d ago
Nope, I will buy digital games, but will ALWAYS prefer physical copies. The case, artwork, booklet (which is becoming less and less relevant), and disc art are all part of the game as a whole for me.
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lashes2ashes  +   837d ago
New games wise I buy all digital. I only get physical copy's of hard to find games or if the price is better. I don't miss driving to game stop and waiting out side.
boybato  +   837d ago
Will still go retail next gen with the exception of the occasional PSN indy gems(guaca, journey etc.)
Xenial  +   836d ago
landog  +   836d ago
after a few years of ps4/nextbox being out, you won't have a choice, 70% of all released games will be digital only

only huge, AAA games will be available at retail

gta, halo, gears, uncharted, gran turismo, metal gear etc......everything else will only be available digitally

thats my prediction at least, i don't like it, but it is happening

as someone with almost 400 steam games, 70% have a physical copy, and all the others were bought at extreme sales, but i am finding more and more, only the big budget games are getting retail release on pc, and consoles always do what pc has done in the time the were waiting for a new gen

it really bums me out becasue i love that new game smell, the color manuals (rare these days) the anticipation of opening it and checking out all the goodies inside, the artwork

but i think those days are numbered :(
SpinalRemains138  +   835d ago
That depends on the content, now doesn't it?

No one will simply alter their habits based solely on the generation in which they game, if the options are the same. So the question becomes one that is contingent upon the quality of what is being offered digitally.

Personally, I will continue to rent my games and if there are great options for digital download then I will buy them. However, it is entirely too early to speculate as to whether or not I will change my 'purchasing habits'.

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