Soul Sacrifice Demo PlayStation Vita Commentary

Soul Sacrifice got a demo on the PSN earlier this week. It's currently one of the most popular Vita games out in Japan and it's also made by the same man who created the Mega Man character. We've recently downloaded the demo and really enjoyed the 30 minutes or so we played.

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NastyLeftHook01647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

k looks good

PeaSFor1641d ago

"look good"?

indeed it look good, also play good, story's good, sound good.


Clover9041647d ago

Glad he enjoyed it, but 30 minutes isn't even close enough to get into the meat of the game. Multiplayer is where it's at, and you don't unlock that until you play through the first six chapters. This game wasn't even on my radar, but I'm loving it.

Salooh1647d ago

Yea. I played the demo for 5 hours xD. This game gonna be long. Unless the full game is easier..

I almost killed the last beast in the multiplayer but some guy didn't let me sacrfice my self. He always save me. The beast only had less then 5% of health >.< ...

Clover9041647d ago

lol, so close! I've yet to beat Cerberus, but it's fun trying =)

Don't expect the game to be easier. Cerberus is only rated a 5/10. Look forward to a long and rewarding challenge with Soul Sacrifice.

rezzah1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

I heard the entire story in the demo is the first chapter, meaning the chapters you mentioned are the missions.


Don't mean to be picky, just for clarification.

lovegames7181647d ago

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!! Love the cray powers and the variety. Love the customization. The online component worked since the first game i tried to join and has been flawless. They have sold me on the game and i cant wait to get home to enjoy some more of the demo. The demo itself is better than most retail games!!!!!

LordHiggens1647d ago

He needs to enjoy the game as he damn well pleases....

Luismacintosh1646d ago

Thanks for all the comments guys, enjoy my time with it even more now that I'm about 4 hours in :D

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