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"Mario & Luigi: Dream Team was my favorite of the games I saw at the 3DS preview event this Wednesday. Thankfully, it also had the longest demo I've ever played at an event.

"The game is set on the seemingly abandoned Pi'illo island, where soon after arriving for a vacation with the Mario Bros., Princess Peach disappears. (Of course.) The game moves between two separate areas of gameplay: Pi'illo Island locations with traditional Mario & Luigi gameplay, and Luigi's dream world where Mario fights alone but is granted special powers and assistance by Luigi's imagination, or "Luigination.""

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dbjj120882040d ago

The year of Luigi? How about the year of Toad! That guy gets none of the respect he deserves.

knifefight2040d ago

He should be the hero of his own side game.

Y_51502039d ago

I hate Toad. Trying to be cool all the time.

3-4-52039d ago

That's all he has though.

profgerbik2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

Sadly these games are still mainly about Mario or at least that is how I feel. About the only actual Luigi thing they have done is the DLC for NSMBU, which I think should have been in the game to begin with.

I mean basically Luigi as they show him is just Mario's slave. I don't really consider it the year of Luigi.. When he really isn't starring in these games.. he is more like a co-star.

The title is Mario Brothers, so I have no clue why Luigi wasn't a playable main character from the start in NSMBU.. Why in DLC..? but no, if Capcom pulled that.. Oh lord.

Y_51502039d ago

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is all about Luigi though! :)

profgerbik2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

Yea but that has been around before they started the year of Luigi. Not Dark Moon of course but you know what I mean.

Just saying, doesn't really seem any different than it was for Luigi is all. They made it seem like finally they would focus on Luigi more instead of Mario like with Luigi's Mansion but I don't personally see it.

I guess there is still most of the year left, hopefully we see more Luigi specific games, not ones where he is just being used. Which is the vast majority of them.