Five Things Zelda 3DS Should Borrow from A Link to the Past

GenGAME writes: "Given that Zelda 3DS is a self-stated sequel to A Link to the Past, it should come as no surprise that it’s going to borrow a lot in terms of the surface level aesthetic qualities. Its art direction has already proven similar enough, as has the cast of enemies, items, and even the world itself. However, being a true successor to A Link to the Past is about more than style – it’s about substance, about living up to the legacy set by the SNES classic. There’s a reason, after all, that people have been clamoring for an A Link to the Past sequel, not a Minish Cap sequel, even though the two are part of the 2D Zelda tradition.

"What is it about A Link to the Past that made it so special? And what must Zelda 3DS – commonly styled as A Link to the Past 2 – do to achieve the same acclaim for today’s generation of fans?"

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