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The Sega console that wasn't: The sad demise of a once great gaming giant

The Sega Pluto promised to offer out-of-the-box internet connectivity, which would have been revolutionary for a '90s gaming console. Only problem is, Sega never released it. (Culture, Retro)

blackbirdi  +   362d ago
looks ugly
Statix  +   362d ago
The Sega Saturn was and still is a thing of beauty. Ah, the memories.
ijust2good  +   362d ago
Look like Nintendo will join them as a has been descent innovative company.

Too bad Wii U is gonna go the same way.
thebudgetgamer  +   362d ago
Sega is the best example of what happens when you lose consumer confidence.
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Jek_Porkins  +   362d ago
To be fair though, they didn't lose it on a single thing or two, they lost it because of multiple devices and pieces of hardware that they released at a high price point and then basically abandoned in short order.

Sega CD, Sega 32x, Sega Saturn, which was originally going to be a 2D machine only, but they rushed and added extra processors to make it 3D capable because of the PlayStation's release. Developers couldn't program for it, they announced it at E3, then at that very same E3 say the console is already available at retail...WTF?

See, in the gaming business you need to build up hype, entice people with games and features, Sega had no momentum with the Saturn, and people ignored it, even though it turned out to be a nice and underrated piece of hardware, it actually had a lot going for it, including the ability to go online.

Sega had lost consumer confidence by the time the Dreamcast came along, and back to back consoles selling less than 10 million was the straw that broke the camels back, Sega banked on people wanting to play against their friends online over graphics and a DVD player (PS2), but the DVD player aspect of the PS2 drew in non gamer's and gamer's alike, so it was a huge win, and Sega closed up shop.

Nintendo has consumer confidence in their handhelds and software, and people will hopefully see what the Wii U has to offer at this E3 and it'll pick up.
PostMesmeric  +   362d ago
If this was released, Pluto would still be a planet.
showtimefolks  +   362d ago
This is what blind fanboys should understand before a company goes out of business and stop blindly hating

I read many comments when sony's financial info came out that end for PS brand but what they don't understand is less competition means lesser products and consumers have fewer options so publishers decide the fate

Now everyone misses Sega if we end this blindness of hate than this could be Sony,MS or Nintendo next

Just like THQ isn't out of business
CEOSteveBallmer  +   362d ago
No! This simply can't be true. The Dreamcast is through? There must be a 2 ow! Sega I know I can count on you to follow through. Please tell me oow!
Do you know if dreams come true? Because if they do the Dreamcast 2 is true.
Do you know if dreams come true? Cause if they do theres a Dreamcast 2. - Keith Apicary!! http://www.youtube.com/watc...
MadMen  +   362d ago
What killed SEGA was they released too much of an "add on mentality"

The dreamcase was not their demise its their reputation taking a hit on the way up to it.

sega cd add on, did little

32X did little

Sega Saturn was like the PS3, overly complicated, launch was terrible, SONY at that time; chose simplicity like they are with the PS4 again, and priced 100 dollars cheaper.

Dreamcast was great, but late to the game.
Sh0ckWav3  +   362d ago
i miss does sega days!!
Zcarnut  +   362d ago
Me too. I know the 32x was a failure but I still remember this commerical LOL "just stick it in your Genesis" ...."Alright babbby"
cyberninja  +   362d ago
Me too.
cerpintaxt44  +   362d ago
sega genesis was my first will always look back fondly
Magnus  +   362d ago
I still play my Genesis 3 and my Master System but everyone talks about multiple add ons but they also forget one key piece of Sega merchandise and that was the Sega Pico. It was geared like one of those stupid Vtech machines. If I can find a Sega Pico my Sega console collection will be complete.
mastershredder  +   362d ago
I remember when they were releasing the 32x. I had the Sega CD, but by the time I decided to get a 32x, they dropped in price and the Saturn was released out of the blue. I eventually got a Saturn (I was put off by the surprise launch that burned a lot of 32x owners and too few titles available), It is still one of my favorites, but mainly for import titles.
maniacmayhem  +   362d ago
Wow, further examples that Sega was way ahead of the curve back in the console days. I heard of the Sega Nomad but I have never heard of the Pluto, very interesting.

In an alternate universe Sega is still in the console business at war with Nintendo for console dominance.
mastershredder  +   361d ago
I bought one of those Nomads at half cost from Toysrus back in the day. They had a close out on 32Xs, old Saturns, Virtual boys and left over Turbo graphics machines for something like 50 buckaroos. Yup I got one for 50 Bucks, as well as Atari Lynx, they had an ass load in the San Diego -LA areas and you could find insane deals in overstocked TRUs.

Nomad was balls, but it ate batteries like a pro.

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