New Killzone 2 trailer to be nonexistent at Live

After rumors floating around that a new trailer would be surfacing at the event known as Live, it comes as no real surprise that Sony in fact did not show anything new regarding Killzone 2 at the small expo. According to attendees of the event, only the E3 07 trailer has been shown.

When asked about the possibility before hand, a Sony PR told PSU "SCEA very rarely brings software to someone else's event. Typically, we create an event and invite media/consumers to play the various products."

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sonarus3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

it was more of wishful thinking than anything else really.

Apparently reason is because SCEA rarely brings stuff to other ppls events. Isn't killzone SCEE though?
correct me if i am wrong

Hitman_Legend3748d ago

It makes a difference if its SCEE or SCEA, I mean look at E3 thats where they showed the Killzone 2 Trailer and it was SCEA at E3, so I don't think it makes a difference which branch of Sony shows new games.

Coffin873748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

yeah killzone 2 is from dutchmen (the studio is in the netherlands.. guess they never run out of weed there).

guys, don't expect a killzone 2 update until e3.

sak5003748d ago

They probably dint want to disappoint the overcrazed fans.

sonarus3748d ago

lol i don't know how releasing a trailer for the best looking game on consoles will disappoint the fans.

I never played the first one so i won't call myself a fan but the game does look beautiful and it is a game i would like to try.

Later i will be hearing ps3 fans always run to 360 section to troll and spin ps3 news into negative. Talking to you sak

destroyah3748d ago

Sak. The E3 07 was purely in-game and it looked better than any 360 game ever shown or made. The next time we see Killzone 2 all 360 fanboys are going to cry.

JsonHenry3748d ago

I totally agree. The rabid fan base that needs this game to be the "best looking" is why they did not show it yet. I am sure they want it to be completely done before daring to show it off again.

Though it looks nothing close to the E3 when it was all CGI, it does look good. (for a console game)

I hope it is fun more than anything. The last screens I saw of it look good enough to me. I hope they spend as much time on content!!

FirstknighT3748d ago

So when it this game going to officially come out? This game has been in development forever and not much info has been shown. Could be bad news.

sonarus3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

could be bad news or it could be good. This isn't the first time doubt has been cast on guerilla games. Only time will tell.

@sak well they did prove they could come close to that trailer. They didn't even shy away from it they matched it quite well a feat no one thought they could do so i still give them the benefit of the doubt

sak5003748d ago

And what have they proven so far?

destroyah3748d ago

They've proved that the best lighting ever seen in a console FPS is exclusive to the PS3. You 360 fanboys are just worried.

Ri0tSquad3748d ago

You wish.

This game has been in development for quite some time but I believe there trying to get it right. If thats the case they should take there time.

FirstknighT3748d ago

All I'm saying is that this game has a higher budget, more manpower, and longer development time than most games. So I better see something special. And from the last gameplay clip I seen, I dont even see it better than COD4.

Clinton5143748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

There's nothing out of the ordinary about it's development time.

Check the timeline:

Nov. 2004 - Launch of Killzone (PS2)
2005 - Killzone Liberation in development
2005 - Killzone 2 announced + target trailer shown at E3
Early development begins

Nov. 2006 - Launch of Killzone Liberation

March `07 - Liberation online beta ended(feb) chapter 5 + infrastructure mode completed and now in the hands of consumers for free
March 07 and beyond - The rest of the Liberation team is now working on Killzone 2

Killzone 2 launch - TBA

sonarus3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

thats where i have to disagree with you Firstknight. KZ2 looks significantly better than cod4. Look at the animations, the blood spurts, the way bodies move when shot, dead enemies continue to bleed after being shot. then there is environmental destruction, far superior lighting and then overall graphics of the game. looking close up at a face in killzone and a face in cod4 you will see killzone looks better.

I am not a KZ fan, never played the original and graphics < gameplay but KZ2 easily over powers any shooter on any console in the graphics dept. I am most impressed with the animations and the blood. If they tone down blood because of ratings i won't buy

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TheExecutive3748d ago

lol I see the trolls are out in force.

Anyway, Sony gamers day is a month away or so. I bet we will see something then.

ISA_Scum3748d ago

Last year it was June, was it not? Very early, but still....

TheExecutive3748d ago

i thought it was april 19th... i could be completely wrong... was it in June?

HarryEtTubMan3748d ago

LMAO Jealous angry XBOTS... Killzone 2 is gonna destroy your life.


lol, if the original is any indication of what this dev team can do, then I highly doubt that. We all already know Gears smokes the crap out of this lame franchise.

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