Independent Game Developer Spotlight

The Independent Games Festival comes but once a year, and 1UP look forward to it more than Christmas. After countless hours spent playing free, independent, and experimental games over the last 12 months, the opportunity to meet and talk with the bizarre assemblage of individuals responsible for them is always an exciting prospect. They range from lone-gunman garage programmers to young zealots with a copy of Game Maker to industry veterans who left their spot at a large studio to get back to what they loved from the beginning. Some hope to make it big with a single hit or snare the attention of a major developer; countless others just make games because they can. No matter where they're coming from, there's one thing you hear over and over again: "It'd be nice to make money from this, but I'll keep doing it anyway." If they have anything in common, it's a simple love of the art and a compulsion to make their ideas real.

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