In Defense Of Religion In BioShock Infinite

Kotaku - What if I told you that Bioshock Infinite was the mostly deeply Christian game I’ve played in recent memory?

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shanic772066d ago

I believe this game hit the 'religion'/'racism ' boundary just right for a video game. Not too detailed, but enough to add to the plot and experience. While I believe it can get a bit pushy with some baptism scenes, overall it left a positive impression in my opinion. Kudos for thinning the line between a video game and movie.

zerocrossing2066d ago

I don't even know why this is an issue it's a "video game" people need to stop acting as if every misrepresentation of their respective religion or beliefs is some kind of vicious attack by the non believers.

For games to evolve as an art form they need to be allowed to tackle such controversial subject matter, not be made censor such things for fear of upsetting those who wish to see issue or insult where none were intended.

coolbeans2066d ago

Is the first portion referencing that refund ordeal? Because I don't think that comparison necessarily works here. If games are to maintain the art form status, it's fair to expect, even yearn, for people to dissect a game to determine whether it be good art or bad art. Since this guy's really using the refund controversy as a springboard to dissect the proposed "Christian" elements in the game (has spoilers so can't go through entire read), I' more inclined to support this article rather than denounce it--although Kotaku is annoying.

zerocrossing2066d ago

I think it's fair to denounce anything Kotaku related, but I see your point ;)

FreshRevenge2066d ago

Christianity is so wide. There are about 38,000 or so variations of the religion. So there is no one way to interpret it. Yet you need to take the context of the time period. People tend to forget that. It is 1912 and not 2013. So those issues were present. Today people wish to forget that it ever existed. Yet Slavery happened and Christians helped enforce that idea by quoting scriptures to justify their actions against black slaves. Jesus gave commandments how to treat slaves. As Jesus didn't think that beating a slave wasn't wrong? Why Jesus never abolish slavery is beyond me? If we really were going by Christian values, Slavery would still exist! Yet today's Christians don't really read the fine print of their bibles and choose to ignore it!

Christians should be sensitive for all the terrible things that their religion has done throughout history. Because today Christians wouldn't even have a religion without the countless years of bloodshed. A religion that is based on sacrificing animals and people is no religion I want to follow. If God needs something to die to forgive people than that God can go straight to hell for being a sadistic basterd!

Um sorry but I think placing that in the videogame might make Christians realize that they are not saints after all?

CptFalcon2066d ago

So what are you?
A muslim?

There are a lot of things that aint right in christianity but if we look how the religion behaves today i dare to say it is one of the most peacefull religions in the world.
A little too peacefull. There needs to be a strong counter balance against the imperialistic islam. Like the crusades were a rightfull answer on islamic expansionism.

We can only see the things christianity has done wrong, but talking about the bad things of other religions seems to be racist nowadays.

coolbeans2065d ago

"So there is no one way to interpret it."

I think the fine print is there to show some of your interpretations are flat-out wrong.

smashcrashbash2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

I think Bioshock Infinite just showed how someone can easily use religion to manipulate people into doing what they want and how easily people can fall prey to it. Period. There is no hidden meaning. The whole game went to great lengths to show how corrupt the the city of Columbia was and how what they were doing was very twisted and wrong. How people can be insulted or anything is beyond me.If I show the bad guy doing bad things doesn't that negate any significance of the things he is doing?

They used religion in a twisted negative way and that was bad so their society was destroyed.No different then the Tower of Babel.I saw no proof of any other agenda. Not one message in the game made me doubt my Christianity.I think your faith in God is very weak if you let simple things like this break down your beliefs and faith. Also did anyone ever think that the fear of baptism came from Booker himself and was not a shot at Baptism itself? After all he seemed to be the only one who seemed to be afraid of it. I have read stories and poems of people who where afraid of the very idea of this ritual. Did that indicate baptism is a bad thing or that they are evil people? No.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2066d ago

Their doesn't need to be a defense for it. You can put whatever you want in your game... you just can't expect everyone to be happy about it.

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