How Japanese Anime Brings Gaming Hardware To Life

Kotaku - Over the years, countless video games and video game consoles have appeared in Japanese anime. Sometimes, they are part of the story. Other times, they're just games. It depends, really.

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admiralvic1947d ago

And here I thought Neptunia did that...

jujubee881947d ago

In the "Bleach" series (both anime and manga) there was a boy character named Yukio that carried a PSP.

Yokio's power (to paraphrase) was that he could turn reality into a video game through his PSP.

admiralvic1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

A) My comment was both sarcastic and rhetorical, since that is exactly what Neptunia is about.
B) Where did I doubt that? The whole premise of The World God Only Knows is based off his experience with games. Also like a lot of things in Bleach, that idea also appeared in YuYu Hakusho, in the form of Tsukihito Amanuma. I can also list plenty of other examples (and a few Video Games that went on to become anime's), but it really doesn't matter.

Ranma11947d ago

Anime is so colourful. Its just nice to look at.

Like how simpsons is so colour and nice to watch

1947d ago
Snookies121947d ago

I love that Oreimo featured the Vita. It's really popular over in Japan, so that'll drive Vita sales even more I'm sure. (Do they even offer a pink one like that though?)

kreate1947d ago

Was oreimo the one about the gamer god?

kingPoS1947d ago

Ouch! it almost hurts to see the super famicom cart & controller crushed like that.