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I'm Mexican. Am I Supposed To Be Offended By Guacamelee?

Kotaku - So I finished Guacamelee, and I think I am supposed to feel offended. (Guacamelee, PS Vita, PS3)

profgerbik  +   739d ago
Story Quality - WTF?

Like this Website - No

Yes because no one can research or display Mexican culture other than Mexicans, no one else is allowed to talk about it or use it in games unless they are from Mexico and born Mexican... /s

It was so offensive, they just advertised Taco Bell through the entire games dialog, tacos, tacos and tacos! All the characters just made fun of Mexicans also with border crossing jokes... /s

I can't believe how long that crap is, such a stupid article. I can't believe how many people actually agree with it also..

I don't see people writing articles about Mario and how Mario is made by a Japanese person, who isn't Italian, who doesn't live in Italy either. How on earth could Miyamoto do something so offensive! /s
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SANDWICHMASTA  +   739d ago
That's because Mario is white, check your privilege.
thorstein  +   739d ago
Mario is Italiano. Anyway, I love guacamole, tacos, chimichangas, and margueritas. Doesn't mean I hate mexicans.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   739d ago
Italian/Italiano or whatever isn't a race, it's a culture.

Edit: TheFallenAngel's comment below actually does a good job of explaining the difference between race and culture.
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dktxx2  +   738d ago
Actually, Italian is also an ethnicity, as is British, Irish, Swedish, Russian, German etc. They're not just cultures.
Kevin ButIer  +   738d ago
"a game made in Canada, by a team mostly comprised of Canadians, laughing at a farcical luchador who gets his powers from a talking goat."

Dear lord... now THAT's an elevator pitch

churros, huaraches, tacos, tortas, chilaquiles, enchiladas, pepitadas y tostadas
Klonopin  +   738d ago
That public education must really be paying off for you.
admiralvic  +   739d ago
Better question. I am an intelligent gamer, should I be offended Kotaku can still post here?
Merrill  +   739d ago
I lost two bubbles for pointing out how terrible Kotaku's articles are and that it's curious that they never lose any stars on this site.

The rating system doesn't work for them(Kotaku) on N4G.
b_one  +   738d ago
i voted them down several times, still no effect.
b_one  +   738d ago
some mexicans was involved in developing this game, ask them...
admiralvic  +   738d ago
That doesn't matter. Bros before Hos was still "sexist", yet it was named by a woman.
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b_one  +   738d ago
Veneno  +   738d ago
Guacamelee isn't offensive, the best part of it is when they translate all the references into Spanish. "Nino de Carne" "El Linko" are my favorite ones LOL.

Weirdly enough my white buddy found the name of the game not to be offensive, but stupid. I guess I kinda agree but its nothing to rage over.

I personally found nothing that is "negative" toward mexican culture throughout the game, just silly and dumb stuff.
xabmol  +   739d ago
You have problems. Mental...
KwietStorm  +   739d ago
You're kotaku. You're supposed to be offended by EVERYTHING!
LOGICWINS  +   739d ago
For some reason, this article makes me want to play Guacamelee even more lol.
dboyc310  +   739d ago
Amazing platformer you should give it a try.
adorie  +   739d ago
Lol. Me too,especially after watching some Lucha Libres today. Pa Parka (authentico!) Psicosis, Octagon, etc, etc!
DragonKnight  +   739d ago
Offense is a choice. My revulsion at another terrible Kraptaku article is not.

Kraptaku voted down.
Bathyj  +   739d ago
Bubble + Well Said
solidjun5  +   738d ago
Yep. How do you vote a site down?

Edit: sorry. Figured it out.
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ziggurcat  +   738d ago
i keep down voting every kraptaku article i see, and yet nothing has changed.

how the **** does someone get offended by this game? i mean apart from this being a sony exclusive game since we all know kraptaku isn't biased against sony... *cough*
Monkeycan8  +   739d ago
Suck it up.
NastyLeftHook0   739d ago | Offensive
SANDWICHMASTA  +   739d ago
Can we please ban kotaku stories from being posted? They are the epitome of shit journalists writing pants on head retarded stories with sensationalist headlines purely for views.

Seriously if there's anyway we can start a petition, I'll sign it about 30 times myself.
Shadow Man  +   739d ago
viva la raza!!!
smashcrashbash  +   739d ago
Not if you are smart you won't be
whamlollypop7  +   739d ago
I am offended that you are a Mexican.
SOULJER   739d ago | Personal attack | show
TheRealHeisenberg  +   739d ago
You can choose to be offended by whatever you like and I can choose not to give a sh!t.
Roccetarius  +   739d ago
These ''offended'' articles are a joke now. Thanks to all the sensitive fractions.
TheFallenAngel  +   739d ago
As far as I know, you can't be Mexican without being being born in Mexico or having a Mexican citizenship. Mexican is not a race. Mexican culture is the richest culture in the Americas. Roots coming from way down the Aztecs and some from the spaniards. If you are born in the USA, you are American and nothing else. You can't be Mexican-American if you don't have dual citizenship. Don't let the government label you something you are not. Because there are whites, blacks, asians and arabs in Mexico but they all fall under the category "Mexican".
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sloth3395  +   738d ago
i agree but also you do know california and some other states were Mexico
godofboobees  +   739d ago
Whats is that kaptaku? I cant hear you over the sound of a trophy chime. 300+ combo done!!
Kingthrash360  +   739d ago
***national aanthem plays in back round*** Im black....watched django, played gta san andreas, even watched movies made in the 60's, I loved them all. this is america where blacks have sufferd for centuries (fun fact they would hang my people from a tree if we spoke in African language and would hang us if we spoke english at a high level back in slave days)and you still can hear/see stereotypes about blacks, whites, asian, Hispanic, Arabian,ect today. times have changed we live in a great contry of America where shows like family guy thrives on stereotypes....so if you live here in america take it for what it is...its not to be offensive its the humor its supposed to be funny. if you laugh at other stereotypes aimed at other races... why you butt hurt about a game that talks about mexicans. mexicans havent even suffered in america to be offended by such a small thing. arabs get it worse and they dont complain about shit....if your hurt off humor then simply dont buy...
note: this article makes you look dumb.
cr33ping_death  +   738d ago
ahhh your comment isnt worth it.
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Majin-vegeta  +   739d ago
I'm Mexican and I'm not offended. http://www.google.com/searc...
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RTheRebel  +   739d ago
Ohhh Kotaku your journalistic credentials offend me.
Ser  +   739d ago
Does anyone still visit Kotaku? With drivel like this, I can't see why anyone would.
BuffMordecai  +   738d ago
Fun fact,the original concept for the game was suggested by one of the team’s artists, who is originally from Mexico. He had this idea for a Luchador themed brawler with crazy colours and over the top moves. He had all these pictures of Mexican folk art mixed with Luchadors in business suits, and the whole team got attached to it immediately. If there is one thing you should be offended by, its your own stupidity.
talisker  +   738d ago
I am offended by Kotaku every day and I have to live with it.
cr33ping_death  +   738d ago
my gf and I are mexican and we love this game
CEOSteveBallmer  +   738d ago
I Think I do not need to read this article to find out how stupid the author is. Why is it that when a race is not white or caucasian, its considered racist?? you put black people being killed its racist. now mexican and its racist?? Its unfair that killing whites like example in COD and yet the whole world doesnt think its racist. now put a whole battalion of blacks and people are going to talk shit. What a bunch of narrow headed fools. So like in RE4 i killed spanish people and it should be considered racist? if I kill a chinese in a game it should be considered racist? People who think so are absolutely shallow and narrow headed
Kingthrash360  +   738d ago
I'm lost with the comment... because I see white racism all the time. especially in sports...but yeah other races are more sensitive to racism than whites. prolly because whites suffer less than all other races in America. (assuming your from America) the rich tend to look down on the poor and the poor tend to look up to the rich. not saying all whites are rich but thats the view, and that in a sense is racism..it just positive so its hard to see.
if your white be happy you dont have the racism factor...cant believe your complaining about it. its not a fun feeling....trust me
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CEOSteveBallmer  +   738d ago
Im Asian and Im not offended when I see an asian dude gets killed in a "Game" or even a movie. What people need is Equality in terms of outlook on all races and deep understanding not being overly sensitive that when they see their own race in a game they get offended. There is no supreme or inferior race. There is just humans. Just like the time when resident evil 5 came out, there are stories and outcries from people that its a racist game killing african natives. Its only a game, its part of the story since chris is in africa and they are zombie like creatures. Its just kind of annoying there are overly sensitive people like that
Kingthrash360  +   738d ago
ok I see you now... and yes I heard the out cry on RE5 ( which was basically black politicians looking for attention)...niggas who play games didnt care...we were more flattered by it then anything. plus they were africans ( fun fact: africans hate blacks) but I do see where your coming from and you are right...
KrebStar  +   738d ago
If anyone should be offended by Guacamelee, it is the dead. It's bad enough to assume that we are all just a bunch of skeletons, lurking about in little more than a hazy version of your world, but to insinuate that we would simply leave such powerful face wear lying about is pure absurdity.

As a proud, handbook carrying, member of the recently deceased, I demand a full apology from Drinkbox Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment, and everyone who purchased this game, myself included.
ironfist92  +   738d ago
Shouldnt you be GLAD that there's a game which actually has you play as a Mexican, and not another "ideal white man" or "big buff space marine?"

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