The Wii U's Biggest Problem Is The 3DS

Kotaku - Analyzing a company's position and their marketing strategy with consoles is often of little interest to me: I'm not an investor, and sometimes the conversations feel like a slightly more sophisticated version of people arguing about the CONSOLE WARS™ on forums. Bleh. And yet I walked out of a Nintendo preview event yesterday with one thought on my mind: why would someone buy a Wii U when they can just buy a 3DS?

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PopRocks3592064d ago

"why would someone buy a Wii U when they can just buy a 3DS?"

Well for starters they can't ever get the new Mario Kart, X, Bayonetta 2 on the 3DS. Or the Wii U version of Smash Bros. (the supposedly online, more competitive version) for that matter. At least we know those games are hitting Wii U at some point.

AdvanceWarsSgt2064d ago

X and Bayonetta 2 you have a point. 3DS owners won't be missing out on much in terms of Mario Kart and SSB though, even if the 3DS versions may be "inferior" games (which isn't a foregone conclusion since MKDS mopped the floor with MKWii).

Also, Monolith is working on a 3DS title, so while 3DS owners may not get X, they may get some other quality title.

MikeMyers2064d ago

This article could also apply to the PlayStation Vita. Different experiences (like the ability to play on a large screen with higher resolution) and they each have exclusive titles not found on the other.

Relientk772064d ago

I agree with this, I don't understand why Nintendo is doing this. Yeah, let's release all the games people want on the 3DS while the Wii U sits there and starves.

Root2064d ago

If Luigis Mansion 2 was a Wii U Launch title or an upcoming game I would of bought it at launch

Animal Crossing Wii U could be massive.....even bigger then the new 3DS one coming up. You could turn your village into anything you wanted....even a town with skyscrapers and the lot would be fantastic. It would take you a lot of gameplay time to get your town to that stage.

computeSci2064d ago

Nintendo is not stupid. The 3DS had a bad start too. They proved themselves with the 3DS and I have no reason to worry about the Wii U. E3 is where the Wii U will shine.

guitarded772064d ago

Hopefully we'll see the Wii U get the first party support the 3DS has/is getting. I could go for some new games for the damn thing.

arbitor3652064d ago

this last nintendo direct proved this. nintendo is focusing all their attention on the 3DS while leaving wii u owners high and dry

just look at mario party and mario golf on the 3DS. those are party games and they belong on a home console much more so than a handheld.

if nintendo is really that apathetic about supporting the wii u, they should just stick to handhelds

supremacy2064d ago

See, on the flip side this is Sony's issue with the vita and ps3. So much effort goes into their console, and yet the same couldn't exactly be said for their handheld.

Well they have admitted to this before, but all these cross releases isn't on the same scale of what Nintendo is doing with the 3DS.

While this article points out the obvious, its also difficult to manage two seperate platforms.

Now, to me, Nintendo's biggest issue is their designs and how that for the most part isnt much benifit to game devs outside them(Nintendo).

If they were to make platforms aligne with the rest of the pack, then support will most likely be better than what it is. As for the innovation part, that they can take care of with their game designs like they always have.

But they believe in being different for better or worst, their handhelds have kept them afloat, so one cant blame them for supporting the 3DS the way tbey do.

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