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NYC_Gamer2039d ago

Wii-U must have done terrible since Nintendo only spoke on 3DS numbers

Dlacy13g2039d ago

For Nintendo's sake I hope they knock it out of the park at E3. All signs right now say 2013 is going to be rough on Nintendo Management.

bicfitness2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

Neogaf Wizards have it at 67K with MHU and Lego whatever for a FIVE week period. System is officially on life-support. Not even the Vita dropped this hard in its 5th month. 3rd party software sales and attach rate is terrible too.

MultiConsoleGamer2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

NeoGAF is full of sh*t and spin. This is the same site that held back PSV and PS3 numbers for almost two years. They know sales topics are nothing but PR fodder. And the site is nothing but an agenda machine stacked with sock puppet accounts. The next time you're on NeoGAF ask them why is paying people to post on their site.

This is also the same site that declared the 3DS a failure, only to praise it a year later. The same thing will happen with the WiiU. People wil cry doom and gloom now only to be proven wrong a year later. I've actually collected some choice quotes about the 3DS situation a year ago. They are definitely good for a few laughs. And the worst of the bunch, the most embarrassingly fanboy stuff, comes directly from NeoGAF.

Also, fuzzy math.

otherZinc2039d ago


However, Nintendo is better than SONY. SONY didnt release any statement! At least Nintendo is a Man about it.

Khordchange2039d ago

3DS hardware increased over 9 percent and software increased over 50 percent

bicfitness2039d ago

They're still down YoY. Try and pull yourself out of the spin. And they've missed every hardware forecast they've made for both Wii U and the 3DS.

Khordchange2039d ago

how can you be down year over year with 3ds when it sold better than the previous year in hardware and software? lol

Shok2039d ago

Good to see a re-confirmation that Mario Kart, 3D Mario, and Smash Bros will be at E3.

animegamingnerd2039d ago

hopefully one of those games will be out by the end of the year to help wii u sales

daclynk2039d ago

good number from nintendo. cant wait for E3.

sitharrefus2039d ago

hope they show more 3rd party games, we know first party software is there now shoe more 3rd party support!!!!!

Sanquine902039d ago

Uuhm because of Nintendo gamers they have no third party support. As wii U owner i buy everything on the wii U , but many FANBOYS only buy Nintendo games. Why should a third party developer even bother if people only spend money on mario

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