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March 2013 NPD: Microsoft's response, Xbox 360 sells 261,000 units

Microsoft has issued its monthly response to the latest NPD sales results. (Xbox 360)

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Majin-vegeta  +   650d ago
*Slowly backs out of the room*. http://youtu.be/_AOeSrLCD-U...

@Dark360.Seems you only pop out of your hiding place when these articles come up?Oh that's right..
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g2gshow  +   649d ago
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bangshi  +   649d ago
I enjoyed the spin in the press release boasting that the 360 held 6 of the top 10 games making it sound like they were 360 exclusives.

PS3 has 8 entries!

Edit: I should probably say before I start an argument that I'm not saying PS3 is better than 360 I'm just saying it was good spinning.
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NYC_Gamer  +   650d ago
360 is still doing well despite being on last legs
kneon  +   649d ago
well it is down 26%, but since they have left out all other hardware numbers we don't know how that stacks up against the others.

Where are the other hardware numbers? It seems odd that they left them out.
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GamersRulz  +   649d ago
PS3 almost matched 360 this month in the US, look at the released chart from NPD. PS3 sold almost 212k this month in the US, add to that PS3 lead in EU and JP. PS3 is leading WW like crazy these days
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evilunklebud  +   649d ago
That's great.....
Thunderhawkxbox  +   649d ago
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Thunderhawkxbox  +   649d ago
Seriously all Sony fan boys got something to say even in Xbox 360 article I'm sure they haven't got no game to play on ps3 and they going on Internet to say something in Xbox 360 and new Xbox articles they do make me laugh
_FantasmA_  +   649d ago
Legs? That things been a double amputee since they lost Bioshock or since like 2008 after Gears 2 came out. Xbox 360: Stump In.
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After alan wake in 2010 no new AAA original Ip's.

And alan wake is better on pc.
Dark360  +   650d ago
!!!Congratulations Microsoft!!!
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ShinMaster  +   649d ago

You know they're still in last place ww this month, right?
Supermax  +   650d ago
Woot for microsoft
evilunklebud  +   650d ago
good numbers, for sure.... now bring on the 720, please.
UnholyLight  +   649d ago
I don't know why, years and years of people saying 720 has annoyed the absolute F%^&% out of me haha. Just call it the Nextbox or the Next Xbox.

Can't wait till it releases and everyone can stop saying 720, it's soo old!!

Don't mean to call you out, I just mean in general I am sick of people saying it!
evilunklebud  +   648d ago
UnholyLight  +   648d ago
That one too. Meanwhile hardly anyone referred to the PS4 as Orbis lol
evilunklebud  +   648d ago
well, the ps4 has been announced......
UnholyLight  +   648d ago
I meant before. Hardly anyone called it Orbis. Everyone calls the next Xbox, Durango or 720.
Knight_Crawler  +   650d ago
Congrats MS - well deserved and proud to be an American.

Cannot wait for the 720!!!!!!!!!!!

Edit: @ Tento - Just ignore it, for some reason people just like to hate Americans for no reason.

MS and Apple have done great as American companies and have done wonderful things for America.
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NastyLeftHook0  +   650d ago
im also a proud true blue american. psn id flamesofhell 44 add me proud american ;] xbla id: KFCman( add me here too.)

wtf do people hate us americans were getting disagrees left and right
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sarshelyam  +   650d ago | Well said
Maybe because being American and proud has nothing to do with the Xbox? You know...considering they're manufactured in China.
Cryptcuzz  +   649d ago
I'm also an American and you're getting disagrees because you're making it a big deal that you are an American :)

It's cool you are patriotic like we all are, but this is an international videogame website.

There are just as much members on here that likes the Xbox that are not Americans as well, thus I can see why you're getting the disagrees. That and the fact that maybe you are slightly off topic.

OT: Congrats to the 360 for still selling strong, despite the impending announcement of the Next Xbox within the next month or so.
ma1asiah  +   649d ago
@ Sarhelyam

Dude MS is an American company and the Xbox is their product despite where it happens to be manufactured.

In fact SONY is a Japanese company and the PS3 is also manufactured in China YET the Playstation is still a product of Japan.

Get a grip bro I am from New Zealand not America and yet I dont feel the need to go all Anti American who really cares if he, she or they want to get all Patriotic it isn't like it is going to hurt you or I.
glennco  +   649d ago
kreate  +   649d ago
I wish sony was american so that u guys can get a chance to play the awesome games ps3 offers.
Oh_Yeah  +   649d ago
@sarsjelyam yeah but it's designed by Americans from an American company.
LOL_WUT  +   650d ago
America hell yeah!!! Good job Microsoft. ;)
Qrphe  +   649d ago

Stop embarrassing us, you just make others dislike us even more
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g2gshow  +   649d ago
save the politics bring on more good games/game systems from anywhere
MrWonderful  +   649d ago
Im just curious what you or Microsoft being American has to do with anything?
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ma1asiah  +   650d ago
I think this is the thing the X360 has done amazing figures in the US and has been a little more mediocre elsewhere with a few exceptions.

The trouble is that even though people say this and that about SONY with a year later release managing to sell more units overall. What people forget to take into account is that if you factor in Gold Subscriptions, and profits from digital content whether it be arcade, indie, games on demand, movie rentals etc.......MS have not really needed to sell quite as many offshore to stay competitive. For a company still to show growth at this late stage in a consoles life cycle well all I can say is I tip my hat to you Microssoft awesome stuff.

Now before anyone starts the flame war that is usual with any Xbox blog/news as of late.......I think people need to stop and think for a moment. MS didn't force anyone to buy their console, no one forced anyone to pay for a subscriptions, no one forced anyone to buy DLC for stuff that sometimes already was on the disk, no one forced anyone to constantly buy annualised franchises such as Call of Duty, Assassins Creed etc, No one tied you down and beat the shyte out of you until you brought a Season Pass etc.......So please think before you jump in here blaming MS for the state of gaming or anything else along the same kind of rant. If anyone is to blame for anything it is us the consumer......so if you seriously don't like something then it is ok to have an opinion but at the end of the day rather than jumping on some forum and having a hissy fit just vote with your wallet, since that is the only way that any kind of change will come about.
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Evil_Ryu  +   650d ago
i agree
avengers1978  +   650d ago
I think Xbox makes most of its money from Xbox live. And those numbers are impressive considering that new consoles are lumming and with that I'm sure a price cut to the 360
shinrock  +   649d ago
Jek_Porkins  +   650d ago
Again, this is a prime reason we haven't had an official next Xbox reveal, Microsoft knows consoles start to slow down when the next version is announced, they'll also probably be forced to announce a price cut on the current 360's which means less money for them on each unit sold.

Looking forward to see what the next Xbox has to offer, congrats Microsoft on a generation played...well played indeed.
josephayal  +   650d ago
261,000 Units + $402 million, Holy Crap bill gates is better than Iron man
IK IR Y IP T  +   649d ago
bill gates doesn't even want that money he's so rich he's been giving money away i really wish he would come and get rid if this steve balmer joke ...
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gano  +   649d ago
Thats why i dont fuk with it.
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glennco  +   649d ago
@kevnb. It is all how you spin it. Vaccines can reduce the world population by allowing parents in affected areas of having less children, but each with a greater chance of survival. Instead of having a bunch a kids just to increase the chances of at least one surviving and carrying on the family lineage, parents can confidently have less. THUS reducing the worlds population.
mwjw696  +   649d ago
@Kevnb Insult the man personally all you like but do NOT insult how much he has givin the world you ignorant POS! He has given more away a day than you will ever make in a lifetime. He does this to help the world. What have you done with your shithole of a life?

We should all be so kind and lucky as him.
2v1  +   649d ago
@kev hey guess what we are all full of shit inside

@mw kind and lucky lol, tell that to all the homeless and beggers I see daily at street lights..lol picture bill gate telling the limo driver hey stop give the homeless guys a dollar
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AkatsukiPain  +   649d ago
Great numbers no doubt but what I find funny is microsoft is always quick to answer any npd sales but take their sweet time to debunk rumours that are hurting them. Besides that good job on them in america.
ma1asiah  +   649d ago
Bud they have nothing to debunk as all the negative rants all over the internet etc are ALL based on rumors and speculation NOT FACTS!!!! and to say that it is actually hurting them I think is a little overdramatic......

In some ways all this publicity could have a positive spin. Given that most of what is pure gossip with no substance, you know we have heard it all by now....Credible Source, Industry Insider, Industry Analyst states this and states that but has nothing concrete to give their claims any real sence of credibility.

So MS dont have much to do but be even slightly better than what has been all over the internet and most consumers will be ohhhhhhh that aint so bad yip I guess I might get the next xbox after all
AkatsukiPain  +   649d ago
Well it has been hurting them. People I know who own a 360 arent really considering buying the next one not because of these rumours but the lack of new ip's & support from microsoft. I myself couldn't care how many consoles these corporations sell aslong as they give me games that I love playing thats all that really matters.

Shinra Tensei
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gnothe1  +   649d ago
akatsukipain....what LACK OF IP'S...they havent announced anything yet...an all sony did was announce sequals to IP's they already have...just like people are sick of halo an gears..people are sick of KZ aswell...lets just wait an SEE what MS announce before you claim no games or support...an ALL MY FRIENDS are super excited because THEY KNOW a new xbox is coming..
T2  +   649d ago
Uh no . You didnt even watch Sony announcement
horndog  +   649d ago
"Americaa! F!@k yeah!! Here to save the mother f!@king day!!" Lol these comments remind me of Team America movie. Congrats to MS, not bad for a console with no bluray, emotion engine cell chip, or free on line just a fun console to have.
grimmweisse   649d ago | Trolling | show
Tultras  +   649d ago
Meanwhile in Japan...

I kid, i kid. :D
gameonbro   649d ago | Spam

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