Sony Settles Lawsuit: Over $1 million in Free Games, Themes and PS+ Discounts Available in Canada

Back in May 2011, Canadian citizen Natasha Maksimovic filed a class action lawsuit against Sony for the infamous PSN hack that potentially exposed user data to criminals (although nothing ever came of it), as well as the Sony Online Entertainment hack. The lawsuit called for C$1 billion (US$1.04 billion) in damages, with Maksimovic saying: “If you can’t trust a huge multi-national corporation like Sony to protect your private information, who can you trust? It appears to me that Sony focuses more on protecting its games than its PlayStation users.”

The case has now been settled, with the damages coming to around a million dollars in assorted freebies for Canadian gamers.

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doctorstrange2063d ago

I've already forgotten about the PSN hack. It was annoying at the time, but no one really got hurt, and I already got some free games.

darthv722063d ago

they have to sign up to be PS+ members to get the goods.

okay...okay, that was all in good jest.

nukeitall2063d ago

That's a sorry ass settlement. Should have aimed higher if you go through all the trouble.

violents2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

Why does sony owe anyone anything outside of reimbursment of paid sevices you may have missed out on due to the network outage? Unless you were actually a victim of identity theft, I don't see how sony would owe anyone a thing. Anyone with an ounce of common sense should know any personal information broadcast onto the internet is potentially at risk. Sony can't be held solely responsible because no matter how much security is in place someone will always find a way around those security measures eventually. Making a better lock only makes better thieves.

Dont mean to sound of on you really, your comment just made me think of it.

kneon2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

Class action lawsuits are almost always a waste of time. I've won several and haven't ever bothered to claim the "massive" winnings.

The only winners are the lawyers.

SilentNegotiator2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )


HP, nvidia, and lawyers screwed us in an action class for their faulty hardware that lead to DvXXXX laptops all dying by giving us completely POS dime-store laptops as replacements.

Class action lawsuits are worthless. If you're going to sue, do it separately. If they're already doomed with a class action lawsuit, they'll probably settle with you in a much better fashion (if you make the proper demands) because they already know that they have no chance.

Outside_ofthe_Box2062d ago


You are speaking to deaf ears. nukeitall is a well known Sony hater/MS lover. He won't hear anything unless it's bashing Sony or praising Microsoft.

kupomogli2062d ago


"The only winners are the lawyers."

Sadly. Class action lawsuits are probably the biggest scams around right now and it's completely legal. The lawyer's version of those get rich quick schemes.

nukeitall2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )


A similar analogy is, if you put your valuables in a bank vault, no matter the amount of security people can always find a way to break in. Does that mean we should relieve the bank of responsiblity if all they do is put a padlock on it?

Sony ran unpatched systems and didn't have the proper security in place. So yes, we should hold Sony as well as the theives responsible.

Security isn't about fool proof and 100% safe, but rather the safeguards in place should outweight the risk and difficulty of breaking in.


I do agree that almost always the lawyers are winners, but in some cases the consumer are the winners as well although indirectly. Think about it, if the cost of being sued is really high for companies they will think twice about doing something similar again.

The problem is, that the lawyers fighting it are there for the profit. They want to settle fast to get a paycheck, and not draw it out.

That is why you almost got nothing? Same thing happened with the Playstation 2 DVD disc read error class action lawsuit that ended in consumers getting $20-30 or a game, *if* they still had the receipt years later. Good luck with that!

Basically this is the same scheme, jump through hoops and the repayment is miniscule. This lawsuit didn't hurt Sony a bit, but the bad reputation for years did.


Ah, please! The pot calling the kettle!

You are the one that is a known fanboy here. If you have a good argument please present it or stfu!

MaxXAttaxX2062d ago

Yet you're the one that continuously shows up in PlayStation articles.

jadenkorri2062d ago

yet in other countries, courts have found Sony not at fault and their security was adequate.

violents2062d ago

Having money in a vault is a lot different than putting your personal information out on some corporations publicly accessible data servers. If it were a case of someone physically breaking in and taking things the banks insurance would reimburse the customers affected because the bank takes sole resposibility for the goods stored within. However with the internet and electronic transactions the consumer is liable for keeping personal information safeguarded, thats why they have things like identity theft insurance, the bank or corporation that has your personal information on file really has no way to tell if its really you accessing said personal info, outside of a password that can be hacked by anyone knowledgable enough at computer programming.

Outside_ofthe_Box2061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

***"Ah, please! The pot calling the kettle!

You are the one that is a known fanboy here. If you have a good argument please present it or stfu!"***

Hmmm... where was your good argument here? Maybe you should follow your own advice and stfu!

violents has already provided a good argument. I'm just letting him know that he is most likely wasting time as you rightfully pointed out to Jek_Porkins some time ago in a similar situation. Don't get mad at me! I'm only telling the truth!

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SilentNegotiator2062d ago

"potentially exposed"

What weak charges. There hasn't even been solid evidence that the data was leaked in any usable form at all.

Sony's lawyers must be partying with how they settled that one, though. lol, freebies.

TrendyGamers2063d ago

I was happy with the Welcome Back games and I already have PS+ so I don't have much reason to take advantage of this.

bicfitness2063d ago

I just got an SOE email about this today. There's no mention as to what the disbursements are, specifically, but free stuff is always nice.

doctorstrange2063d ago

For SOE:

"You can get a deposit of U.S. $4.50 in “Station Cash” into that account, usable for SOE digital products and services. Deposits will be reduced proportionally if total deposits exceed U.S. $240,000 in benefits. 2

Oaklnd2063d ago

Sony should just open up a bank, who needs money anyway

KrisButtar2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

I just got this email today. like 5mins ago.. thought it fake until just now

Edit: what was offered for free games in the welcome back program?

Edit2: those are all crappy games or games I already have..

Shani2063d ago

Pretty much all the games they are offering in this settlement were part of welcome back program.

KrisButtar2063d ago


I remember the welcome back email a bit and shrugged it off, but looking at the article it seems to be a larger list then I remember, and was thinking it may have been a different list

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