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Bioshock Infinite blasphemous? PEGI weighs in

PEGI explains what is considered “blasphemous” and discusses Bioshock refunding (BioShock: Infinite, Culture, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

NastyLeftHook0  +   763d ago
ok i think trying to explain science to a religious person is like playing chess with a pigeon, it will knock the pieces over, crap on the board and strut its head like it won the debate. but religion in games are harmless unless they mean harm
ReubenPatrick  +   763d ago
Woah, bro chill... Only some are like that. The only reason why religious people are given a bad name is because some of those so called "religious" people have no idea what they're talking about and just won't shut up. Like most groups it only takes one rotten apple to spoils the whole barrel.

I'm religious but I'm quite scientifically inclined in my studies :D
toxic-inferno  +   763d ago
Indeed. I'm a follower of Jesus, and I am soon to receive my degree in Physics.

Science and religion are not enemies - this is a myth that has sprung up in the last few decades due to certain individuals on both sides of the argument.
ChickeyCantor  +   762d ago
"some" Yeah make that "Most".

Face it. Too many people are religious. Too many "personal relationships" with their deity. Everyone is singing a slightly different tune. But claim to believe in the same principle. If anything they can claim anything to be true because "God" is on their side.

Yes you, maybe you can claim you're not like that. But you don't count for the majority of sheep.

"Science and religion are not enemies - this is a myth that has sprung up in the last few decades due to certain individuals on both sides of the argument."

Science is build on facts by means of observation and iteration. Religion is based on blind faith without any need of evidence.

Hell, even The "Holy" bible starts with contradiction (Creating the sun AFTER there was already light). And continues to contradict itself trough out the book.

Sure you can be a believer of God and practice science. But Science already debunked tons of claims made by the bible. They are in no way "compatible". But you are free to believe what you want. No one is disputing that.
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Conzul  +   762d ago
Not all light comes from the sun, dummy.

I was raised catholic in a hardcore catholic school, and NONE of us took that stuff literally anyway.
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Myze  +   762d ago
@sidar "Sure you can be a believer of God and practice science. But Science already debunked tons of claims made by the bible. They are in no way "compatible". But you are free to believe what you want. No one is disputing that."

Please do tell, give some examples. Always a blind response. Sure, there are many faith-based aspects of the Bible that can't be proven either way, but the Bible has been considered one of the oldest and most accurate history books for scientists for MANY years (and today). Anything so-called "debunked" is always circumstantial or theory, and has just as many apologetic arguments the other way. You and me both aren't knowledgeable enough of both sides to give the argument it's due merit. I can admit that, hopefully you can as well.

I'm not trying to start a religious argument, but stating opinions and hearsay as "fact" is always annoying.

On the topic (or at least title of the article):

Bioshock Infinite isn't really blasphemous. Though, the characters are at times, of course. Honestly, Infinite doesn't even really have a "Christian" antagonist (or the citizens). The religion in the game is MUCH closer to that of a cultic off-shoot, since they worship Comstock as a prophet, which is blasphemous of the characters in Columbia, but doesn't make the game blasphemous, because it never tries to push the agenda on the player as the right way to play.

Any religion can have outliers that take situations to the extreme and cause a negative influence on said religion as a whole. Ignorance can cause someone to see Bioshock Infinite and then claim Christians must be redneck, racist, murdering psychos, but honestly, only an idiot would be stupid enough to buy into that. It's smaller examples that usually lead to stereotypes, since the more obvious divisions are more swift to be dismissed (like the game).
ChickeyCantor  +   762d ago
@maze simplest example is the description of earth: http://www.answering-christ...

And some more:

It clearly speaks of the light that hits earth. Our sun is nothing but a star. Nothing else was out there close enough to emit light such as our Sun does. Yet there was light, but God decided to create the sun AFTER the "fact". If anything the Bible is being silly.
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Robotronfiend  +   763d ago
A scientist wouldn't degrade people who hold religious beliefs like that. Instead they would likely look for parallels and comparisons between religion and science and continue the discussion.

I'm still laughing about "explaining science". That's a great phrase.

Read "The Quantum and the Lotus".
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joab777  +   762d ago
And what's it like explaning generalizations to an eager gamer? I am a Christian...bur I am one that doesn't run from truth, inconsistencies, or evils that have been committed in Christs name. I had no problem with Bioshock Infinite. Unless You belong to Comstocks church or have relatives who lived in Columbia, you really don't have a gripe. There are parallels to ideals espoused by Americans at one time but its a video game and everything is exagerated. He also attacked Marxism and Leninism for their at all costs violence and revolution. I just don't get it.
zme-ul  +   763d ago
games and religion should not mix
what makes it OK in some religion(s) might upset other(s)
toxic-inferno  +   763d ago
You could say that about any belief system, not just religion.

Unfortunately, the moment you start to set certain concepts "out of bounds", you create censorship that results in a loss of freedom of speech. Should films and TV shows also remove references to religion?
zme-ul  +   763d ago
B:I does more than reference religion

self restraint in not censorship; when you have an opportunity not to put gasoline on the fire, why not?
toxic-inferno  +   763d ago
I think it's important for us to be able to consider all aspects of life, including religion. BioShock Infinite explores some interesting arguments both for and against the importance of religion in our cultures.

And if nobody had ever tried to put gasoline and fire together, we'd never have invented transport in the form it exists in today.
zme-ul  +   763d ago
religion is a broad aspect, and B:I limits itself to christian religion

ps: I don't find religion an important aspect of my live, so why should I allow to be forced on me?

even christians founds aspects of this game as blasphemy
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csreynolds  +   762d ago
I'm wondering how those complaining about Bioshock Infinite's baptism segment manage to get by from day to day. If this is enough to upset them, I wouldn't advise they go outside, watch TV or read the news for a good while.

Look, BI is a game. It's entirely fictional - its characters, its concepts, its events, its universe - you're playing through a narrative, not a reality, and it will only 'affect' you if you're sensitive enough to allow it to. If everyone protested about everything they didn't like, or didn't approve of, the entertainment industry would die out overnight (along with many others).

What gets me in this particular scenario is that the 'offended' (i.e. not ALL religious individuals, just the one's creating a fuss) are happy to slam the game's baptism bit, but seem to have no problem at all with its racist undertones or violent aspects. I'm no expert, but from memory I'm pretty sure most religions have a few things to say about these two topics...
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jdiggitty  +   762d ago
"Look, RELIGION is a STORY. It's entirely fictional - its characters, its concepts, its events, its universe - you're READING through a narrative, not a reality, and it will only 'affect' you if you're sensitive enough to allow it to."

I think I see the problem
csreynolds  +   761d ago
So do I; you've mis-quoted me, which proves only that you've completely misunderstood me.
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jdiggitty  +   761d ago
I didn't misquote you, I replaced "game" with "religion" for effect. (which, apparently, was not effective) I understood you perfectly, I was trying to point out that religion is already mostly fictional. So religious people have strong emotional ties to fiction anyway, so it's not hard to see them making the jump to being easily offended by another made up story.

Sorry, the wording of that last sentence is strange
csreynolds  +   760d ago
Ah. Forgive me, I thought you were trying to be patronising about my standpoint on religion. Crossed wires.

No harm done :-)
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jdiggitty  +   758d ago
Sorry for the delay. I've been on call the last 2 days and my hospital has been stupid busy.

I apologize for any misunderstood meaning as well. I had no disrespect at all. In fact, I thought your argument was well thought out and written. There is often a disconnect between how a poster hears his own comments and how others may read them.

So, anyway, good journeys to you and enjoy your gaming internet friend.
csreynolds  +   758d ago
No worries. Thanks for your message (nice to be reminded that N4G isn't just a hang-out for trolls), and indeed, good journeys!
Dan50  +   762d ago
I keep getting run time error. Can someone please tell me what it says?
MrAnderson  +   762d ago
There is no god.
cerpintaxt44  +   762d ago
if you think its blasphemous dont play it but your missing out also if a character in a movie was to be baptised in a similar way would we hear about it like this? i think not
ReubenPatrick  +   761d ago
True, even if others do find it blasphemous they're the ones at lost because Bioshock Infinite has to be one of the best games of the year and for me the prologue to this generation's swan song :D
Rhaigun  +   762d ago
You can't please everyone, and I'm glad Irrational didn't try to. They sent out to make a particular story that not everyone will agree with. But, any one who does compromises the integrity of their vision. I don't think a religious person is going to by a Slayer album, and then complain about blasphemy. So, why buy an M rated game in a franchise known for its propensity for social and philosophical discourse, and expect any different?
smashcrashbash  +   762d ago
Okay once and for all Bioshock Infinite is not blasphemous.It was clearly stated in the game that they twisted religion to make people to control the populace and give them power.Their methods were blasphemous but no different then how the Tower of Babel was.The game talks about how wrong and twisted his methods were but at no point encouraged or condoned them. Also the fear of baptism came from Booker himself. No one else feared it except him so I am not sure how anyone interrupted it as being against baptism. It translated as his fear not anyone else's own.Anyway I think they should keep racism and religion out of games.People will always find hidden meaning and things wrong even when there isn't anything.

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