Xbox Live at 46m users as Xbox division sees sales jump 56%

Microsoft has just announced its third-quarter fiscal results for the period ended March 31, 2013, and it was an encouraging period for the Entertainment and Devices Division which houses the Xbox business. Total revenues climbed 56 percent year-over-year to $2.53 billion, while the division enjoyed an operating income of $342 million compared to a net loss last year during the same period of $228 million.

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lastofgen2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

It's great to see % increases in pretty much all of the divisions ms is invested in and I can definitely see why ms isn't in much of a rush for next-gen looking at their e&d division numbers.

AngelicIceDiamond2065d ago

@Lastofgen Yep.

"Microsoft will be announcing its March Xbox 360 numbers later today in conjunction with The NPD Group's monthly report."

I'm guessing MS will announce they'll be no. 1 sold in America.

nukeitall2065d ago

MS seems to be going out strong this generation financially and market share.

Next generation will be even more interesting.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2065d ago

how do they do it?

Xbox sales jump 56%

xbox original AAA IP's games down 100% since alan wake in 2010.

Will get disagrees but can't say it's not true.

I think casual gaming is MS strength later on this gen. Not core gamers.

I only think this since they focus more on casual gaming. logic..

otherZinc2065d ago



SONY had to announce a next gen system because theyre getting killed.

If SONY isnt getting killed why are they the only console maker not listing a financial response to the March sales results?

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Evil_Ryu2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

curious to know what PSN PLUS percent is

BitbyDeath2065d ago

Gold users are never mentioned either

Thatguy-3102065d ago

Doubt is anywhere as near to xbox live numbers. The simple reason being is that if you want to play online you HAVE to be an xbl member. Sony isn't forcing you to become one so the numbers shouldn't be that high.

BitbyDeath2065d ago

I heard if you halve the Live users it should be about what the Gold users are. 23m. Plus is probably somewhere between 5-10m. (Just a guess)

Riderz13372065d ago

You "heard" that half of them are gold members? Well then, I "heard" that half of PSN accounts are PS Plus members! So that's, according to your logic, 40m PS Plus accounts. Prove me wrong.

coolbeans2065d ago

You're just pulling numbers out of a hat. >:

BitbyDeath2065d ago

Still more accurate than Patcher will ever be.
Oh and this is where i heard it from but yea that was back in 2010...

HyperBear2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

Does anyone know any numbers pertaining to their Surface RT and Surface Pro products? Kind of interested in seeing how many or how much Microsoft have sold of them as it directly relates to their Entertainment and Devices Division.

OT: Good goin' Microsoft, keep up the good work (And announce the Xbox 720 already!)

Edit: @Dlacy13g, yeah I kind of figured, and those losses from last year were probably due to R&D costs for both the next Xbox and the Surface line. Plus last year, they launched Windows RT, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, Surface RT and so far this year Office 2013 and Surface Pro, so there might have been quite a few bucks lost in marketing/releasing those as well.

Dlacy13g2065d ago

My understanding is that surface has under performed so far.

Captain Tuttle2065d ago

I think Surface RT has disappointed but Surface Pro has sold out, not positive though and to lazy to look for a link

Dlacy13g2064d ago

@Captain Turtle... you very well could be right. I recall many sayint RT wasn't worth it in reviews and to wait for the Surface Pro. Despite the cost the full Windows OS and its specs make the Pro pretty appealing to me.

esemce2065d ago

And yet they still charge for basic P2P matchmaking so greedy so sad, sure it only cost like 52p a week but it's the principle of it that makes me no longer want to support MS next gen.

dcbronco2065d ago

Maybe they charge for it because it cost them millions of dollars to provide it. I know it's crazy that someone would actually charge for providing a service. Cellphone companies really piss me off too.

GetSnooked2065d ago

I wouldn't call it "basic P2P matchmaking" because there is party-chat. This allows your team to communicate amongst each other without the other team hearing you. It also allows the user to talk to someone playing another game.

So I don't believe it's basic matchmaking.


It's basic P2P.

There's P2P and Dedicated servers. That's it.

Party chat is a stand alone feature like using ventrillo/skype.

dantesparda2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )


So you hate the cell phone co. charging you for something everybody else does, but yet you seem to have no problem paying for something that nobody else charges you for. Gotta love fanboy logic

Dlacy13g2065d ago

One has to wonder if last years Net loss was in large part due to R&D for the next Xbox. I am purely speculating but that is a pretty huge turn around for a division. I mean really you are talking about growth of $570 million to get them out of the $228 million hole and into the positive of $342 million.

kwyjibo2065d ago

I doubt that the costs for the Next box are as high as the costs they've been putting into Windows Phone or Surface.

Dlacy13g2065d ago

That is a great point... I would say between Windows 8 and Surface MS has been spending a ton on Marketing.

dcbronco2065d ago

The R & D budget for that division was over 1.5 billion last year. you look at the PDF on their financials page the information is their. You just have to find it in the summary.

Marketing also has a huge budget. I haven't seen anything about what it is though. In the past MS has had a habit of placing charges that make the numbers look bad in that division so that other divisions that are expected to do well won't take the hit. People tend to accept D and E having issues.

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