Ed Boon would like to make Injustice: Gods Among Us a series

GameZone writes, "With Injustice: Gods Among Us coming out only two days ago, the happy fans want to know if this DC fighting game could reach a franchise level? Just yesterday, during the Injustice release party, Ed Boon was asked, “Will Injustice be a series?”

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oof461892d ago

Make it a series? That's fine. Just don't make it a yearly thing, Ed. Remember, you can't MilK a franchise...

jc485731892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

isn't this how some critics felt about the game that it played too much like MK?

antz11041891d ago

Great story, I would love to see them translate Final Crisis and Blackest Night.

GREW50ME1892d ago

No Steam version = NO SALE!

Skate-AK1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Then buy MK9 when steam releases it to show there is a demand for NetherRelam games on PC.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1892d ago

No thanks. Injustice is just MK vs DC 2 but without the MK characters. Everytime the attempt to make a fighting game with DC characters they fail at it and the mechanics in Injustice are terrible and unbalanced just like MvC3. Combined rounds, traits, environmental damage, unblockable 90-100% combos. They should've just made MK10 instead.

It's better if they don't make this into a series because then they'll have more time to make quality MK games.

IK IR Y IP T1892d ago

I totally agree i lost respect for ed after this one ...

Kratoscar20081892d ago

Please no, i would like them to create a new fighting series with original characters, lets repeat the MK phenomena again please.

Lets face it MK isnt as cool as it was in the day.

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Tzuno1892d ago

The game is mediocre. Bring more combos to mk.

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