130° Live 08; Day One wrap-up

Excerpt from PS3 Attitude:

"Moving upstairs marked the shift from white to black as everything became PS3-oriented. Immediately to the right was the Rock Band setup from EA. With still no release date for the UK, I was surprised at the skill of some of the players, the best of which were chosen to battle on the music stage later in the day for a complete Rock Band kit each.

Sony's stand was very well put together with some impressive 'pods' set up for GT5: Prologue. Around the driving area Sony had a number of screens showing videos from LittleBigPlanet and God of War: Chains of Olympus for PSP. In addition, they had playable demos of Time Crisis 4 and the new Buzz! game.

The two outstanding moments for me were the actual gameplay video from Codemasters of Race Driver: GRID, and the demonstration from the guys who are making Far Cry 2."

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chaosatom3333688d ago

"Far Cry 2 will be coming to the PS3, and it looks like a serious step up for FPS titles. The real selling point is the natural weather and enemy AI. Virtual wind blows the palm fronds (which are all destructible) and also allows you to set fires that blow towards your enemies, helping you gain cover and create a distraction. The world (which is 50Km in size!) gradually moves through a 24-hour cycle. If you spend long enough, you'll see the sun set. If you want to perform a mission at night, you can sleep for a while and tackle it in the dark"

DolphGB3688d ago

...we'll have more info for you soon - keep watching PS3 Attitude for more details.

ikiru33853688d ago

i think sony will announce more news at sony gamers day.

cLiCK_sLiCK93687d ago

When is Sony Gamers Day??

Dits3688d ago

Got back from the show a little while ago, really wasnt impressed with the setup at play, Wembely was a bad choice for an expo, should have been at the NEC. Guess its a start for games shows in the UK

Dits3688d ago

Asked the FarCry 2 devs about co-op and was told it will not feature any :(