Guacamelee Video Review (VividGamer)

Rebecca from Vivid Gamer writes:

"Guacamelee!, the most recent title from DrinkBox Studios (known for Mutant Blobs Attack), has undergone some controversy due to it’s Mexican Luchador theme and art. But is this cross-play title worth the investment? I sit down with Eric in this video review to let you know."

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TheLiztress1947d ago

It looks like a fun game. I'm tempted to get this. Just need to figure out which version to go with.

thechosenone1947d ago

It's cross buy, you get both PS3/Vita for $14.

TheLiztress1946d ago

More reason to get it then.

dwightmccarthy1947d ago

Yeah with cross buy and cross save this is an automatic purchase. Looks like a fun game.

boybato1947d ago

cross buy, cross save even supports cross controller wherein the Vita works as the controller while displaying the map.

MasterCornholio1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Nintendo should sue Sony.


Just kidding but thats how I play the game and its quite fun that way.

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rrquinta1947d ago

This game was a lot of fun. I only played it on Vita and thought it played great. It's challenging, but for the most part, not too frustrating that you regret the purchase. You can definitely play it in a weekend or two depending on how skilled you are.

Jamesmanguyperson1947d ago

Definitely worth a download. Nice review!

Totoro171947d ago

Bought this game thanks to the great reviews and the $10 I got from Sony. It's a great game. The music is terrific and the graphics are gorgeous; almost reminiscent of The Emperor's New Groove. Worth a buy.