Skyrim Legendary Edition Unveiled by Polish Retailer

Polish retailer Ultima has unveiled a listing for a Skyrim Legendary Edition which will include the core game with all its DLC, for 360, PS3 and PC.

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Snookies122038d ago

Hmmm, wonder if the DLC will be codes or on the actual disc. If they're just codes, I might get it. Already have Skyrim on PC, but I could give the game to someone and keep the DLC codes. XD

KrisButtar2038d ago

Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, all the DLC was on the disc, when I got the Ultimate and GOTY versions of those. Its the same publisher so....

Snookies122038d ago

Ah okay, well then I suppose that's what I should expect. Never got the Ulimate/GOTY editions on the Fallout games, mainly because I'd already bought the DLC individually for 3, and never actually beat New Vegas. (Plan to sometime, just hasn't happened yet lol!)

KrisButtar2038d ago


Also didn't Capcom say it was cheaper to have DLC on disc rather than just on the store. As they have been caught red handed of charging for the DLC while it was on disc(which I think is wrong). So with a GOTY version wouldn't the same delivery system(on disc) still be cheaper? I don't see why it wouldn't be different for other publishers as well. Most games that I have that are "game + DLC" it has been all on disc. Well all but the Sony one/s(uncharted 2 GOTY)

MrDead2038d ago

yeay, I can now buy Skyrim.

Lighter92038d ago

Don't worry, don't worry. ALL of the bugs will still be in the game. ;o)

toxic-inferno2038d ago

PHEW! Didn't want to think I'd be missing out! :P

Heisenburger2038d ago

Good deal. I'm grateful to have missed all of the ps3 issues. Though I personally never had the issues that others suffered through in Fallout 3.

I'm glad I waited, now I get a game that works as advertised. Plus, dlc and all at a lower price.

I don't purchase dlc(I've only purchased the Vietnam pack on BC2), so I'm appreciative for things like Arkham City GOTY edition.

Sorry to ramble. :)