Stop Speculating About the PS4's Release Date. You're Making Us All Look Stupid.

CheatCC says: "Everyone is understandably anxious about the PlayStation 4, but speculation about the release date is getting a little out of hand. Over the past few months, I've heard dates in October, November, and December being tossed around, but each is a little light on evidence."

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JoGam2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

They are not making me look stupid. just themselves. I'll wait for Sony to announce it.

xHeavYx2042d ago

You make yourself stupid by making stupid articles

andreasx2042d ago

Why is it stupid? They already said it will release holiday 2013, wich is one of those months.


yep true just not 100% sure when the ps4 coming out in EU

user76939582042d ago

by the end of October will be!!

but I'm more worried about this bomb in the US.

look at this.. is not a jk

people be aware.. the facts are obvious.

Majin-vegeta2042d ago

I actually laughed when i saw that episode when it aired lol.

OT:It's most likely in November when it releases.So come Black Friday sales will boom.

Jaqen_Hghar2042d ago

why not get the huge launch sales out of the way in October before having BF keep it just as high right as those start to die down a man asks

faysal2042d ago

check this out bro..
this world is fucked up... thats why i love gaming keeps me away from all this shit going on around he world.

josephayal2042d ago

mejeje meje Funny Article, PS4 release date and specs already known

Double_Oh_Snap2042d ago

Stupid to want to predict a release date of a system that your really excited for...

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