Microsoft Doesn't Listen

CheatCC says: "Complaining about Microsoft's ineptitude has practically become a full time job for faultfinding bloggers and game journalists like myself. It's not that we hate Microsoft, we don't, but it's getting really hard to rally behind a company that purposefully avoids listening to anything that their customers say."

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Gimmemorebubblez2068d ago

Well if you want them to to them Microsoftly.

zerocrossing2068d ago

Haha that made my day! + bubs for you sir! :D

GalacticEmpire2068d ago

LMAO you're on a roll, following on from your "bioshocking" comment, keep it up :D

darthv722068d ago

more bubblez like the name implies. so here you go +1

GetSnooked2068d ago

Unless your Ex Boxed you in the house.

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Evil_Ryu2068d ago

Badly written article...don't read

DragonKnight2068d ago

In what way is it badly written?

IronFistChinMi2068d ago

For starters, it states that Microsoft doesn't listen. If Durango doesn't block used games/allows offline play, how can it state they don't listen, if they even intended it to in the first place.

If they don't listen to consumers, why does Windows Blue appear to address some of the biggest complaints against Windows 8?

DragonKnight2068d ago

So then your gripe is that you don't believe the author because of your own perception of the Durango? In what way does that correlate to Microsoft does listen? The author also touched on Windows 8 and spoke about how MS' attitude towards all the negativity has been dismissive. In what way does that endear them to people looking for answers to their questions?

Dlacy13g2068d ago

"MS' attitude towards all the negativity has been dismissive"

In what way has MS's attitude been dismissive. They apologized for Orths comments and made it very clear that his opinions were not those of the company.

Because a company stays silent about their product launch and waiting for their reveal to actually happen before they talk about it makes them dismissive? Major Nelson has repeatedly said publicly "we promise once we have something to announce we will and we will discuss it but until then I don't have anything to comment on that matter". Apparently that is dismissive...

Maybe just maybe the author doesn't understand what dismissive means?

IronFistChinMi2068d ago

I have no perception about Durango, as I know nothing factual about its features, neither does the author. What I'm saying is, this article states they don't listen to consumers, when they haven't got any real hard evidence. Unless Durango is revealed and does have those anti-consumer features, how can anyone say they don't listen?

How has Microsoft's attitude towards the Win8 negativity been dismissive, when Windows Blue seems to have been created to address such negativity?

DragonKnight2068d ago

@Dlacy13g: Generally speaking, when someone makes a comment that essentially says "No comment" that's dismissive. And again, the author didn't just focus on always-online or blocking used games.

The point the author is trying to make is that Microsoft (but not just them, Sony are guilty of it too during the whole PSN hack fiasco, probably worse than MS just for that one incident alone) obviously knows that there is a whole bunch of negativity surrounding them now, whether true or not, they hear people asking for something, and they continue to give absolutely nothing. They don't even have to acknowledge that the next Xbox exists, they could come out and say "we would never use such anti-consumer tactics in any of our products" and leave it at that. That alone would shut up so many people but MS really doesn't care.

They do this with everything.

maniacmayhem2068d ago


So MS doesn't care because they are not responding to internet posters and over reacting fanboys that take rumors as truth and blow the whole thing up and out of proportion?

Imagine if MS (Sony, Nintendo) had to do that for every little piece of trash that everyone thought they heard about them. They would spend most of their time explaining, instead they can just gather all their info, set up a showing with one event that will tell us whether or not these rumors are true.

And if they did acknowledge the rumors like you said you know the internet would still blow up with people claiming they must have thought of it if they are responding.

No matter what it's a no win situation for any company in this position. The best thing to do is for them to put all their cards on the table at the right time at an event just like sony did for PS4 except even have more info and maybe even playable games.

That way there's no confusion in what they're trying to do.

DragonKnight2068d ago

@maniacmayhem: I find it funny that you think people like the members of N4G are the only ones asking about this. I guess you chose to ignore the myriad of articles from even respectable sites that brought the issue up that MS is also ignoring right? Ok.

maniacmayhem2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )


The articles that these "respectable" sites are reporting are on rumors that may or may not be true. Again I ask, why would MS respond to rumors that may be false? We have already established that no company responds to any allegations out the gate and instead they prep, get their facts together and prepare for what they want to show or tell the public.

The respectable sites may have reported it but the less than respectable (whoever those may be) and opinion blogs blew it out of the water and some even turned it into a "MS has lost the next gen war" or "Sony has won because MS ...." or whatever the case may be.

DragonKnight2068d ago

@maniac: These rumours are from the same people that were right about the PS4 so there is some credibility to them. And besides, being a rumour doesn't negate or invalidate questions which people have a right to ask and which the refusal to respond to can have very real implications. You're defending the "hard way" approach when MS would do themselves a world of good by saying anything more than "no comment."

maniacmayhem2067d ago


But now there are new rumors that negate the original rumors. How many rumors do you want MS to respond too?

And MS IS going to respond at the Xbox unveiling on May 21st. So maybe people should wait before declaring MS is doomed or have lost next generation.

When the patent that Sony filed for block used games came about some years ago did Sony respond? When the rumor that Nintendo was bringing a 3DS XL not long after their release of the original 3DS did they respond?

And who are "these people" that were right about the PS4? And who says "these people" will have the Next Box right. Again there are now conflicting rumors and some are from the same source that said the Next Xbox would be always online. So I wonder how credible are "these people" who were right.

Again you ask a company to respond to wild fires and pointing fingers based on multiple conflicting rumors and baseless facts when everything will be revealed by the company at the date they have already provided.

You claim this is hurting MS, if anything this gives MS a high advantage as everyone (Sony/Nintendo fanboys as well and I'm sure you) will be tuning in to see exactly what was true or not.

I doubt that kind of advertising is hurtful.

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Godmars2902068d ago

The author was pretty clear and concise on his points.

IronFistChinMi2068d ago

The author didn't really know where to go with this article, just a bunch of rambling.

Dlacy13g2068d ago

I gave it a read... probably could have saved myself the 2 min it took. Adam Orth some how equates to MS's attitude toward customers. Because MS didn't comeout and speak directly about the always online issue the internet blew up about over via Twitter...this dip sh*t draws the equatioin to them not caring or listening to consumers. He then goes on to say how bad Windows 8 is and yet then in almost the same sentence basically says its actually fantastic save for some minor things.

Ranting for ranting sake is all I took away from this article.


dantesparda2068d ago

Wow you're calling the guy a dipsh!t, yet you're the one using the word, "equatioin"? and p.s. its "draw the conclusion" not equation. Also he did not say Windows 8 is "actually fantastic" right after he said how bad it was, he said that its works much better as a touch screen os. I hope you're not to old, cuz that would explain things

Dlacy13g2068d ago

grammar and spell check police in effect. Thank you for the correction. I am not sure I could have slept tonight knowing I put those errors up in a comment section.

As for the Windows 8 reference... you are correct he didn't say "fantastic" it was... "The interface is practically flawless on a touch screen, and some of the features are downright revolutionary". Again...not fantastic...I should have said flawless and revolutionary. Thank you for pointing that out.

Just me getting old I guess. ;)

dantesparda2068d ago

Once again, you missed the point, expected.

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