The Legend of Zelda 3DS - 8 things you need to know

GamesRadar - After two decades, Nintendo is releasing a follow-up to Super Nintendo hit The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past--a game that ranks at number nine on GamesRadar's list of the best games of all time. While details (like the name) are still scarce, there's plenty we've learned from the short demo we played at a recent Nintendo press event.

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kirbyu1699d ago

When respiration occurs within cells, carbon dioxide is released as waste. Which system transports carbon dioxide for removal from the body? the circulatory system.

McLuvn1699d ago

Too bad it's for their hand held system.

Snookies121699d ago

I dunno, I feel it's a really good fit for handheld.

Qrphe1699d ago

This game look faster paced than the 3D Zelda, it seems like a proper ALtTP title. I'm completely stoked for this! I haven't looked forward to a Zelda game since ALtTP

swice1699d ago

I am so very excited for this game. I hope it turns out well

Lazyeye791699d ago

I'm really sad the way the new Zelda games are turning out. The old Zelda games seemed more mature, but the new ones seem so kiddish.

Snookies121699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

The only real difference I'm seeing here is that this game has more color than Link to the Past. Besides, if they have another dark world thing going on, it'll be a great contrast going from the bright normal world to the evil dark world. There could be a great balance going on with this title.

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