Devs Hoping The PlayStation 4 Makes Cross-Platform Developing Easier

When new hardware is announced, one question always asked is: How much better will it be than my current console? Considering how long the current generation of consoles has been out for (Microsoft's Xbox 360 came out in 2005 while Sony's PlayStation 3 was released in 2006) the question is understandable. The PC long ago outstripped the power of the consoles but the new consoles are expected to reach parity by using current generation PC parts.

Now that the PS4 has finally been announced, Lain Smith of Codemasters (developer of "Grid 2") has something to say about what we can expect from the next generation of games.

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miyamoto2067d ago

PS4 It Only Makes Life Easier For Gamers and Game Makers.

hellvaguy2066d ago

How would it make your life easier? Is their some hidden program that will go to work for me or do some chores around the house?

DudeJets2066d ago

Yeah it's called a girlfriend.

hellvaguy2066d ago

See I have a real job that required a degree which my girlfriend doesn't have. So your troll won't help me, sadly.

Minato-Namikaze2066d ago

I don't care about making cross platform easier. I'm more interested in devs pushing a console to it's limits