GameSpot reviews Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

A few problems keep it from being a classic, but Ring of Fates is still a capricious caper whether you're on your own or playing with pals.

The Good
* Each character has a unique selection of attacks and tribal abilities
* Slick mix of monster killing, platforming, and puzzle-solving
* Charming cast of characters
* Up to four local players can adventure together.

The Bad
* Certain tasks are cumbersome to pull off in the single-player campaign
* Useless artificial intelligence
* Major slowdown in ad hoc play, and no Wi-Fi multiplayer.

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Guwapo773722d ago

I still might pick this one up...

bakasora3722d ago

I hate that reviewer, his speech is so dull, as if he was reading off from some books. After Jeff and some others left, Gamespot's review became shorter and I see only this guy reviewing games.(I can tell from the voice) Anyone's with me?

PS360WII3722d ago

It's a really fun game! Decent score