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Dan writes - "As I sit here and type away at my keyboard like I have for my entire life I think back to how many keyboards I've bought and used. Saitek, Generic Microsoft, HP, Dell, and even Razer keyboards have all been used in my household and none of them have ever stood out. The keyboard is always the forgotten peripheral but not today, not on Logitech’s watch. The Logitech G510s has taken a little bit to get used to but I’m so glad I've moved on from my generic brand keyboards on to the best keyboard I've used period."

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Elwenil2070d ago

The G510 is a decent keyboard but not anything I would consider great. I bought one to replace my aging and malfunctioning original G15 and it's a decent replacement for that but it does have some issues. I frequently get some repeating keys every now and again, especially the space and period keys. This seems to be a fairly common problem as there are a number of complaints on it. It is a very large keyboard which should be common knowledge with any of the G series keyboards. It has some great features but they really need to make a mechanical version of the G510 or something similar to keep up with current trends.

kingPoS2070d ago

Jeez! How much function do you need in single keyboard. I'm content enough with my Logitech K350.

sashimi2070d ago

i only need my $10 keyboards lol