Games You Should Still Be Playing: Shenmue Edition

Before GTA3 made "open world" a household term, Shenmue for the Dreamcast broke the gaming universe wide open.

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wild-noob3722d ago

guys this game is exsptional in every word the story is to big and deep it grabs your attension in every event i cant put it into words but i'm sure 4 those who never played it they should buy the dream cast and the old xbox to play it

WordLyfff3722d ago

God, I loved this game, played it for hours and hours

moujahed3722d ago

was the cliffhanger ending, it got very exciting, you finally got some leads, started kicking a whole lot of ass. Then BAM!!! The End.

Fox013722d ago

i felt exactly THE same way when i beat the game and it gave me a black screen in the end; i was like oh no, this can't be the end, i want more!

tplarkin73721d ago

When I first played Shenmue, I was 1/2 way thru and some guy said that he was in China. I don't know if he was lying or pulling a prank, but when the game ended, I felt like I got cheated. (Spoiler alert: You don't go to China in Shenmue 1.)

invoked3722d ago

Beating the snot out of 60 thugs at the end? c'mon, it doesn't get any better than that! I liked this game so much that i imported shenmue 2 and played it in japanese with english subtitles... it was even better than 1. It's a shame that the game never caught on.. wrong platform and bad marketing.

tplarkin73721d ago

1) The name "Shenmue" is bad for english speaking people.
2) The voice actor for Ryo was terrible. Ryo wasn't nearly as likable as Fukasan or Ren.

These were 2 very important things to get right, but they were wrong.

invoked3722d ago

I really felt like i was a fork lift operator haha

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